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WWE 205 Live results: Odyssey Jones vs. Grayson Waller


Both matches on tonight's 205 Live featured men over 250 pounds; I guess that's what happens when you gut the entire cruiserweight roster.

Josh Briggs defeated Asher Hale

205 Live opened with the 6’9’’ Josh Briggs, a man who is closer to 305 pounds than 205. This was a typical “David vs Goliath” match, only with Goliath emerging victorious. It was fine.

Briggs used his size to his advantage, forcing Hale to use his speed and intelligence if he wanted to stand a chance. Hale had a moment or two of hope as the match got underway, but Briggs proved dominant. 

Hale dodged a knee drop late in the match, opening Briggs up for some quick strikes. Hale connected with a DDT and locked in a crossface to cement control for the first time in the match. Hale unloaded with everything in his repertoire but was unable to finish Briggs. Hale, in desperation, climbed to the top rope but missed his double foot stomp. Briggs hit the ropes and connected with a clothesline from hell, leading directly to his pinfall victory.

Odyssey Jones defeated Grayson Waller

The night of giants continued with the 205 Live debut of Odyssey Jones, a genuine 400 pounder [insert 405 Live joke here]. Commentary also pointed out Jones could deadlift FOUR typical 205 Live competitors at once. I’m not sure what this show is anymore. 

This match wasn’t great. It was awkward at times, and the groundwork was just plain bad.

Waller opened the match by feeling out Jones with some sparring. Jones responded by dropping Waller with a shoulder tackle. This match then started playing out like the last; Jones abused his strength as Waller struggled for hope.

Waller was able to open up Jones by sending him to the outside. A slam into the ring post allowed Waller to connect with tons of strikes before locking in a guillotine; this wasn’t enough to stop the strength of Jones, however. A stunner and lariat from Waller resulted in Jones a one-count kick out. 

Jones regained control by sheer strength alone. After tossing Waller around a little, Jones connected with the world’s strongest slam before pinning Waller clean in the middle.