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WWE 205 Live results: The return of Jack Gallagher


By Chick Fritts for F4WOnline

**The Big Takeaways**

  • Joaquin Wilde took the rubber match in his third 205 Live meeting with Raul Mendoza.
  • Tensions between NXT’s and 205 Live’s respective teams increased during the Lio Rush-Tony Nese main event as their 10 man tag match inches closer. 

**Show Recap**

Joaquin Wilde defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall

The match began with immediate offense saw Mendoza deliver a dropkick in the opening moments. The pace quickly slowed as Mendoza overwhelmed Wilde with a whip to the corner followed by a prolonged nothing-happening mat wrestling segment. For a crowd as uninterested as the one watching this match, this did nothing but encourage their continued lack of attentiveness. 

Wilde slowly worked his way to his feet and gained some advantage. After a small struggle, Wilde delivered a power bomb to Mendoza who was seated on the top rope. Mendoza rolled to the outside and Wilde delivered a stair assisted hurricanrana. To no avail, Wilde attempted to engage the crowd with the sound of a DJ horn. 

Eventually, the pair traded roll-ups, roll throughs, and reversals in the fastest and most interesting sequence of the match. After a failed rollup attempt by Mendoza, Wilde found himself in position for his Wilde thing finisher, helping him score the win and the 2-1 advantage over his rival.

Seeing as there was little to no interest in this to begin with, the match itself was fairly lackluster with no reason to revisit this rivalry.

-- A hype package played reminding viewers of the NXT vs. 205 Live ten-man tag scheduled for 205 Live in two weeks. The team captain of team NXT, Lio Rush, and the team captain of 205 Live, Tony Nese, are set for action in the main event.

Lio Rush defeated Tony Nese (w/Mike Kanellis) via disqualification

Both guys got a slightly louder crowd reaction compared to the previous match. After the bell sounded, Nese took a knee and flexed his arm for the first truly audible reaction of the night. 

After a fairly typical WWE style feeling out process, Rush delivered an enziguri that sent Nese to the outside. Nese quickly found his way back into the ring and passed through a rollup attempt to deliver a swift kick to the head of Rush. Nese continued to work Rush with slow heelish offense that provided Rush with an opportunity to gain match control. Rush did so with a perfectly executed corkscrew dive variation.

Rush’s control did not last long. Mike Kanellis (who accompanied Nese to the ring) distracted Rush after he ascended to the top rope. Nese struck the distracted Rush and executed a gutbuster, maintaining his control long enough to perform a visually stunning springboard moonsault.

Nese tried to follow with a superplex but was blocked. Rush regained control with a crossbody followed by a float over DDT. Rush went for a second crossbody but was caught by Nese who transformed the catch into a bridging suplex. 

Nese rolled Rush to his belly and locked in a deep boston crab. Rush broke free and delivered a spin kick, but Kanellis succeeded in gaining Rush's attention after he stepped onto the apron. Rush knocked Kanellis to the floor and hit Nese with the come up. When Rush attempted to pin Nese, Kanellis hit the ring and attacked Rush.

Nese and Kanellis took turns stomping Rush long enough for Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch of Team NXT to come to the aid of their captain. The two teams brawled into the back leaving only Rush in the ring. Before Rush could make it to his feet, he was attacked by the returning, and now heavily tattooed, Jack Gallagher.

Gallagher, now a part of Team 205 Live, stood tall after Rush was brutalized. 

Final Thoughts:

This week’s show featured two fairly uninteresting matches, both of which had little to no heat. Neither match was bad in execution per se. They were both just boring and devoid of heat, even with the angles that led to them.