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WWE 205 Live results: Rich Swann & TJP vs. Neville & Brian Kendrick


The Big Takeaway -- 

Neville & Brian Kendrick were dominant against WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann & TJ Perkins. Ariya Daivari called Jack Gallagher a scoundrel, and Noam Dar has set his sights set firmly on Alicia Fox.

Show Recap --

They showed clips of what went down at Roadblock: End of the Line. Rich Swann retained the Cruiserweight title, but was ambushed by a returning Neville, who laid waste to him and TJ Perkins. On Raw, Neville said that he wanted respect as the King of the Cruiserweights -- Swann disagreed. Brian Kendrick came out for a two-on-one beatdown, only for Swann to be rescued by Perkins, leading to tonight’s main event.

Ariya Daivari defeated Lince Dorado

Mostly a WWE style match with perfectly fine back and forth action. Dorado springboarded into a stunner, sending Daivari to the outside. He went for a flying swanton bomb and nearly landed on top of his head, but corrected himself at the last minute. Daivari blocked a top rope maneuver by Dorado, laid him out, then pinned him with the frog splash.

Daivari talked in Farsi after the match, then said Gallagher wasn’t a gentleman, but a scoundrel.

Neville was backstage scowling when Kendrick came in and said some pleasantries. Neville cut him off, saying he respects his accomplishments and they built the foundation of this division. But as far as tonight is concerned, he is his partner, not his friend, and there is only one King of the Cruiserweights.

Tajiri is coming soon.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Alicia Fox) defeated Drew Gulak

Gulak had control until Alexander landed a kick and followed with a springboard clothesline. Alexander suplexed Gulak to the outside but both of them fell to the floor. Gulak shoved Alexander into Alicia Fox, with Fox then grabbing her ankle. This led to Dar coming to the outside to tend to the injured Alicia Fox, helping her to the back. That distracted Alexander momentarily, as Gulak scored a near fall with a roll-up, but Alexander fired back with the lumbar check and scored the win.

Dasha Fuentes interviewed Gulak after the match. He complained about Alicia Fox, saying women shouldn’t be on 205 Live.

A video package on Jack Gallagher aired.

Dar was with Fox backstage when Alexander came in, saying he was glad Fox was okay, then turned to Dar and said he’s got it from here. Dar told Fox if she ever needed help again, he would be there.

Brian Kendrick & Neville defeated TJ Perkins & Rich Swann

This was good, but the crowd was dead for it. This was one of those cases where if it were taped before SmackDown, this would probably be a lot better. Good back and forth to start. The heels started working on Swann, including Neville hitting his deadlift German suplex. TJP came in, along with Kendrick, and laid him out with the dodon. He laid out Kendrick with a kick then went for the kneebar but Neville stopped it.

TJP evened things up, then laid out Kendrick with a double superkick. A missed sliding dropkick on the apron gave Neville the opportunity to lay out TJP with a superkick. Kendrick drove Swann into the turnbuckle then sunk in the Captain's Hook. TJP managed to save Swann just in time, but it was a moot point as Neville took out TJP and grabbed the win following the Red Arrow.

Final Thoughts --

This was an average show with a pretty solid main event. I’ve said my piece on the style before, but it really is making 205 Live seem pointless. If smaller guys are doing the same style the heavyweights are, plus or minus a few dives, then what is the point? There was nothing wrong with this show but it only feels slightly above an episode of Main Event or Superstars at this juncture.