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WWE 205 Live results: Rich Swann vs. TJP


The Big Takeaway --

Titus O'Neil hyped up Neville vs. Akira Tozawa nicely, while future contenders were built up with both Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann gaining victories.

Show Recap --

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Titus O'Neil started things off walking backstage in a red shirt and wacky hat. He yelled and told Akira Tozawa that he's going to make tons of money after the pay-per-view. He then chatted with Ariya Daivari about his wardrobe and told Mustafa Ali that he was impressed by him before doing the "ha-ha!" bit. Okay then, this was weird.

Corey Graves and Vic Joseph ran down the show tonight. Jack Gallagher faces Tony Nese and Rich Swann takes on TJP. O'Neil came out to a decent crowd reaction while the fans did the millions of dollars dance.

O'Neil was mid-ring with a Titus Worldwide podium and photos of Neville and Tozawa. He said that Neville has been dominant, but he's no match for the Powah of Tozawa. Neville called Titus Worldwide a mere facade and showed Apollo Crews being demolished by Braun Strowman on Raw.

Well, he raised a valid point, but the fans chanted "you're not Strowman!" Neville said that O'Neil doesn't care about his clients, only money, and he'll invite him to do commentary while he destroys Lince Dorado.

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WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated Lince Dorado in a non-title match

Neville locked on a headlock, but he got quickly cradled for two. Neville went for a German suplex, but Dorado flipped out. Dorado dove onto Neville, but got sent knees-first into the steps on the floor.

Neville methodically beat him up through two nine counts that he broke up to continue the beating. Neville hit a powerbomb before cranking on the Rings of Saturn to win it.

TJP wrapped his hands while Swann walked up in a smoking jacket. TJP said that Swann wanted the old TJP back, so he'll bring back the old TJP that beat him in the Cruiserweight Classic.

We got a recap of Nese beating Gallagher two weeks ago to set up their match tonight.

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Jack Gallagher defeated Tony Nese

Nese outwrestled Gallagher to start things off, but Gallagher spun him around a bunch with a Kiwi roll and got two. Nese lifted him into the ropes and hit knees to the spine for two. Nese ran him over with a flying crosschop for two.

Nese locked him in the tree of woe before doing the sit-up kicks. Nese locked on a sweet reverse torture rack, which looked a bit bizarre, but a few knees from Gallagher ended that. Gallagher went for a rolling armbar, but Nese locked the arms and got an easy Backlund lift before a Gallagher sunset flip got two.

A double jump moonsault resulted in Nese coming up lame and then trying to attack Gallagher, who hit the headbutt and the corner dropkick to win it. This was quite fun to watch.

Gallagher celebrated before Brian Kendrick interrupted with a history lesson of Great Britain in front of a green screen library. He talked about the British being cowardly and said that Gallagher will surrender to him. This got a big "USA" chant and then Gallagher got no reaction going to the back with his theme playing.

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We got a recap of the Cedric Alexander vs. Alicia Fox rivalry. Noam Dar chatted with the trainer about his bad neck before Fox came in and complained about wanting him to go after Alexander -- not the title. Dar knows he's in hell and it's great.

Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong for the title on NXT was hyped up before TJP came out for his match with Swann. 

Rich Swann defeated TJP

Swann outwrestled TJP on the mat to start before TJP locked on a modified headscissors. Swann sent him outside and faked a dive before dabbing. Swann grabbed TJP's feet for a variety of kicks in the corner, but Perkins backdropped him to the floor.

TJP bent Swann's fingers back on the mat before landing an outside-in tope con hilo for two. TJP went for a submission with the Muta lock, but Swann made it to the ropes. Swann recovered and landed a rolling thunder splash for two, then hit a Michinoku driver for a near fall.

They exchanged dives before Swann hit a spin kick. TJP landed the chickenwing gutbuster and went for the kneebar, but Swann escaped. They each went for, and landed, a double high kick -- resulting in Graves immediately comparing it to Fedor vs. Matt Mitrione. Swann and TJP traded cradles, before Swann got one that ended it.

Neville vs. Tozawa was hyped up and will be on the kickoff show at Great Balls of Fire -- probably due to the tag titles now being defended in an Iron Man match.

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