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WWE 205 Live results: Roderick Strong vs. Draco Anthony


Andre Chase defeated Malik Blade

Chase now wrestles in slacks, a button-down, and a university sweater; I’m not sure why. 

Chase gained an early lead that lasted through the duration of the match. While he was on offense, Chase played to the “student section”, a group dressed in matching university sweaters. 

Blade escaped ground control late in the match, launching a rally that even yielded a near fall. Chase cut it short with a forearm and hammerlock DDT, leading directly to the finish.

Indi Hartwell defeated Valentina Feroz

Nothing special in this one. 

Hartwell gained control  following the opening bell. While Hartwell’s dominance was significant, Feroz managed to secure arm control after Hartwell failed to follow up. Feroz continued to focus on Hartwell’s arm throughout the match. 

As Feroz was fighting for an armbar, Hartwell powered through, turning the submission into a slam in her favour. A spine buster from Hartwell finished out the sequence and the match. 

Roderick Strong defeated Draco Anthony

This was a good main event. It was structured to be simple and easy to follow, but it delivered between the ropes. 

Anthony gained control over Strong early on, forcing Strong into the arms of Diamond Mine (who accompanied him to the ring). After his time on the outside, Strong was able to catch Anthony and take control of the match. 

Anthony regained footing by overpowering Strong on the mat. What followed was a sequence of solid offense from Anthony that lasted until he gave Strong a tiny parcel of space. From left field, Strong hit a jumping knee, leaving Anthony out for the count.