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WWE 205 Live results: Sarray vs. Kartina Cortez


Boa defeated Jeet Rama

This was fine enough. Rama is unique and has tons of upside potential; a glimpse of that showed in this match.

Rama’s grappling left him with ground control early into the match. As Boa fought to his feet, Rama maintained momentum with powerful throws. Eventually, this wasn’t enough, as Boa’s striking left him in a strong position after a lightning-quick transfer of the offensive lead. 

Boa tried to submit Rama on the mat, but this position allowed Rama to regain momentum. Rama’s rally looked to be reaching its climax before a blocked throw left Boa in perfect position for a reverse DDT, leading directly to the pinfall. 

Sarray defeated Katrina Cortez

This match wasn’t perfect, but Sarray, as always, shined bright.

Sarray gained immediate ground control as the match began. While Cortez attempted to contest Sarray on the mat, she was unable to match her prowess. Only after an underhanded leg sweep from the outside did Cortez gain control. Once Cortez had Sarray grounded, she locked in multiple submissions, trying a wide variety of holds. 

Sarray regained a standing position which allowed her to connect with multiple strikes before taking Cortez back to the mat. A submission forced Cortez into the ropes, and a fisherman buster led to a Sarray-favoured near fall. A single leg dropkick and missile dropkick in quick succession left Sarray with a pinfall victory. 

Xyon Quinn defeated Ru Feng

This match was by the numbers and so brief that nothing in it had gravitas. 

In a continuation of a theme, the match started with Feng taking the match to the mat. Quinn was able to overpower Feng to achieve a standing position. Feng and Quinn traded power moves before momentum snowballed in Quinn’s direction. Quinn landed some decent offence leading to a leaping forearm. Quinn then pinned Feng to close a very brief match.