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WWE 205 Live results: Six-man tag match


Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari defeated The Bollywood Boyz (Sunil & Samir Singh)

Nese started the match by driving Sunil Singh into his corner. Daivari tagged in, but the momentum soon shifted in favor of the Singhs as Samir joined the fray. A Bollywood Boyz double suplex punctuated the Singh lead; Nese then provided a distraction, allowing for a Daivari-favored shift. 

Daivari reigned in fists from the mount to further his advantage. Nese looked to further this lead after a tag, but instead planted Daivari with an accidental dropkick. Sunil tagged in and was free to land a ton of offense on the now distraught Nese. A double superkick sent Nese to the outside as Daivari re-entered as the legal man. Both Singhs then set Daivari up for and connected with the Bollywood Blast. Nese broke up the pin.

Nese dragged Sunil to the outside both to gain Samir’s attention while also buying time for Daivari. Davarii then caught a distracted Samir with an uranage. Daivari climbed to the top rope and hit the Persian splash for the win. 

This match was quick, opting for a tried and true formula while not overstaying its welcome. 

Curt Stallion, Ashante “Thee” Adonis & August Grey defeated Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde

A lockup ultimately favoring Ashante Adonis started the match. Raul Mendoza, the other legal starter, was hit with two arm drags, inciting Legado interference. Adonis single-handedly dispatched both Joaquin Wilde and Santos Escobar before they could touch a hair on Adonis. 

A passionate Curt Stallion tagged into the match. With his sights set on flying, Stallion hit the ropes; a kick from Mendoza stopped Stallion mid flight. Legado Del Fantasma was now in complete control. Knees and chops left Stallion in a heap of his own person. 

The cocksure nature of the Legado beatdown allowed Stallion to steal a quick tag, allowing August Grey to make up some previously lost ground. A powerbomb left Grey with a near fall on Wilde. Grey tried to maintain his control over Mendoza, but Escobar pulled the ropes causing Grey to crash to the mat.

Legado utterly dismantled their opponents for a significant amount of time before a devastated Grey eventually landed the hot tag, allowing Stallion to re-enter the fold. Stallion then took on both Mendoza and Wilde in a great show of heroics. After every move he landed, Stallion made eye contact with Escobar. Stallion even locked eyes with the Cruiserweight champion during a near fall. 

Mendoza broke up a Stallion pin attempt causing all six men to hit the ring. Legado emerged from the exchange with a man advantage, but Grey from the outside tripped Mendoza, allowing Stallion to roll up Wilde for a surprise pin. 

Following the match, Legado Del Fantasma attacked Stallion. Adonis and Grey ran them onto the apron, and a forearm from Stallion cemented the Legado retreat. 

This match was great. Every second felt as if its inclusion was necessary, and everyone made their presence felt.