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WWE 205 Live results: Solo Sikoa vs. Andre Chase


Elektra Lopez defeated Valentina Feroz 

Lopez was dominant in her 205 Live debut. 

Feroz tried and failed in taking the match to the mat following the opening bell. Lopez used her strength to lock out Feroz in effect, even as Feroz tried working the arm. 

Late in the match, Feroz started a rally that saw her connect with ineffective offence. After withstanding the flurry, Lopez landed a sit-down powerbomb to close the match. 

Amari Miller defeated Erica Yan

This match was nothing special, but also not actively bad. 

Miller and Yan traded headlocks in the opening stretch, favouring Yan. Miller caught Yan on the ring’s skirt. Miller took the match to the mat where she worked the upper body with holds and strikes. 

On the mat, Yan outmanoeuvred Miller and regained control leading to a sequence of suplexes. After the suplexes failed to end the match, Yan tried for a slam that Miller stalled out of. Miller capitalised on the pause, connecting with a boot followed by a knee to close the match. 

Solo Sikoa defeated Andre Chase 

While this match was nothing extraordinary in the ring, what does stand out is the crowd’s reaction to Sikoa. This might be the most energetic reaction I’ve seen since starting my 205 Live coverage nearly two years ago. People seem to like this guy.

The match opened with battling chants, mainly due to the student section that fills a corner of the CWC. Regardless, Sikoa gained a quick advantage. With solid strikes and a suplex over the ropes, Sikoa was entirely dominant. 

Chase slid out of a Samoan drop, allowing Chase to land a swinging neck breaker and Thesz press. Chase then spelt out the name of his university, Chase U, in a cheerleader-esque sequence. Chase followed his routine with an extended choke on the mat. 

Once Sikoa overpowered Chase on the mat, he landed a big kick, re-establishing his control as if it had never lapsed. Chase fled to the outside, successfully stunning Sikoa against the top rope. A top rope DDT followed, leaving Chase with a near fall. Chase tried to follow up only to be caught in a Samoan drop followed by a dive. Sikoa then pinned Chase to close his 205 Live debut.