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WWE 205 Live results: Stallion & Grey vs. The Bollywood Boyz


Ashante “Thee” Adonis defeated Ariya Daivari

After an opening lockup, Daivari gained the advantage. He taunted Adonis, immediately reversing control in Adonis’s favor. A spinebuster followed by a dropkick sent Daivari to the floor. A missed tackle into the corner left Adonis prone. Daivari slammed Adonis’s leg into the post, creating a target for the rest of the match. 

Following a prolonged leg-targeting segment, Adonis finally pushed Daivari away. Adonis took advantage of this separation, connecting with some quick offense before hobbling to the top rope. A massive crossbody and a kip-up left Adonis ahead. 

Adonis set up for a superkick to end the match, but failed in execution due to his injured leg. Daivari gained a quick takedown before locking in the figure-four leglock. Adonis struggled in the hold before flipping to apply the pressure to Daivari. Daivari freed himself and landed a uranage. Adonis ducked the hammerlock lariat attempt that followed and connected with the superkick. Adonis hooked the leg and pinned Daivari. 

This was a decent match, most notable for its semi-consistent leg injury narrative. 

Curt Stallion and August Grey defeated Sunil Singh and Samir Singh (The Bollywood Boyz) 

Samir and Grey struggled for control in the opening moments of the match. Following tags from both teams, a double foot stomp left Sunil in deep water. Grey and Stallion then traded tags to further their control. 

Grey found himself on the outside of the ring as he tried to follow Sunil. A massive lariat from Samir blindsided the distracted Grey. The Singhs then traded tags of their own, tearing down Grey in the process. This beatdown lasted forever. A Bollywood blast marked the end of the prolonged Grey beatdown, a pin breakup and a hot tag followed. 

Stallion hit the ring with fury. A big boot, dropkick, and a DDT left a legal Grey in perfect position for a crossbody. Stallion hit a tope to Sunil and tagged back into the match, only for Samir to block the dive attempt that followed. Sunil pulled Grey to the outside as Samir tried for a quick pin. The match quickly fell out of the Singh’s favor as Stallion landed a pair of headbutts and Grey an unprettier. Grey then pinned Samir to pick up the win. 

Playing into a crowd-based match so heavily without an audience to back you up is hard to pull off, to say the least. This match missed the mark in that way