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WWE 205 Live results: TJ Perkins takes on Jack Gallagher


The Big Takeaway --

TJ Perkins picked up a victory over Jack Gallagher, all while reaffirming his new friendship with Neville.

The jig seems to be up between Noam Dar, Alicia Fox, Rich Swann, and the mysterious gifts -- or is it? Akira Tozawa has turned the tables on Brian Kendrick, now using his own mind games against him.

Show Recap --

Mustafa Ali defeated Brian Kendrick

This was just a typical back and forth match without a lot of heat. It eventually built into a pretty good bout but the crowd just wasn’t having it. The commentators brought up Tozawa’s win from last week over Kendrick, as well as Ali’s recent interactions with Drew Gulak, who was also shown looking at the monitor as the match progressed. 

Kendrick crotched Ali and transitioned to the bully choke but the bell rang. It turned out that Tozawa was the one who rang the bell before the submission, so the match continued. Ali immediately took out Kendrick with a kick on the apron and followed with his imploding 450 splash for the win.   

Tozawa said after the match this is lesson number two: appearances can be deceiving.

They showed footage from last night where TJ Perkins was confronted by Neville, telling him that he’s the only one who respects Perkins. TJP bought into this, and after rolling up a distracted Aries in their match, laid him out, officially siding with Neville.

Perkins was then interviewed. He said this isn’t about what he did to Austin Aries, it’s about what Aries did to him -- he said that he is the victim. Gallagher came in and said he hopes he’ll have a more gentlemanly approach tonight. TJP didn't want to hear it, he’s not the only one that’s benefited from his bad luck. 

Rich Swann defeated Johnny Ocean

This was mostly just a highlight reel for Swann, who looked good. He got the win with the phoenix splash in a short match.

Swann said after the match that people might have some questions about why he gave presents to Alicia Fox. We, of course, didn't get those answers because Noam Dar came out and called him a liar. He’s been the one sending the gifts. They started arguing when Alicia Fox came out, and called Swann a liar, though she knows he’s been looking at her.

Another delivery guy came in and delivered the latest gift to Fox. Dar took credit for the present and told Swann to leave. He obliged as Dar gave Fox the gift. She asked what it was, and Dar said that it’s a surprise. When she opened it, a bunch of white powder flew into her face. Flour? Baking soda? Powdered sugar? Something else? No one ever said as Swann was shown, pleased.

An Austin Aries interview was next. It seems like TJP wants to blame him for his lack of success. Aries said Neville doesn’t want a friend, he wants a puppet. He claimed Neville wants TJP to be a buffer in their match at Payback. He’s done this dance before, and he’ll do it again until he’s Cruiserweight Champion. He then dabbed with his banana and left.

TJ Perkins defeated Jack Gallagher

TJP hit a DDT on one of Gallagher’s legs and worked on it for a lot of the early part of the match. Gallagher came back with a giant superplex off the top rope. TJP went for a comeback but Gallagher caught him with the ring apron and delivered a big time headbutt.

Gallagher tried to mount a comeback, but his leg was shot. TJP nailed the detonation kick, pinning Gallagher. This was a good match, but again the crowd was just there.

Neville came out and raised Perkins’ hand as the show ended.

Final Thoughts --

This was an okay show, but the same problems that have plagued 205 Live for months are still here. There was good action, but the crowd didn’t care as they had already seen SmackDown. None of the midcard stuff stands out when people work the same as the heavyweights, which defeats the purpose of a cruiserweight division.

And to top it off, while both brands over the last two weeks have featured a ton of changes and new programs, 205 Live is going ahead with the same old feuds that we’ve seen for a while now. So while these shows aren’t bad by any means, compared to other shows going on in the last few weeks, 205 Live feels stagnant.