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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Ashante 'Thee' Adonis


Samir & Sunil Singh (The Bollywood Boyz) defeated Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise)

The Bollywood Boyz danced together following the opening bell. Ever-Rise tried to copy the dance, but the Singhs blindsided them mid-boogie. Sunil, left as the legal man, lost the advantage. Parker and Martel secured some tags in quick succession that allowed them to form a lead. 

Bollywood Boyz regained control, with Sunil and Samir trading tags. They dropped both Parker and Martel with basic double-team maneuvers. 

Samir grabbed the camera he had brought with him to the ring, mockingly filming Parker. Parker snatched the camera away and threatened to break it. Martel sneakily tagged in while Samir was distracted and clubbed him with a clothesline to the back. Trading tags and double-teaming furthered Ever-Rise’s control. 

Samir was able to sidestep both members of Ever-Rise, leaving him clear to make a tag. Sunil lept into action with a double axe handle from the top rope and an atomic drop. Samir tagged in now that Sunil secured control, and the pair together delivered the Bollywood Blast. Chase Parker, however, broke up the pin.

The Singhs tried to follow up, but the referee forced Sunil to return to the apron. With the referee distracted, Ever-Rise was able to connect with their lifting double-knee face breaker. The referee then turned his attention to Parker, missing both the pin attempt and Sunil striking Martel with the camera; Samil rolled Martel over and pinned him following the blow.

Ariya Daivari walked through the ramp and berated the celebratory Bollywood Boyz before joining the announce team.

This match was quite uninteresting. 

Ashante "Thee" Adonis defeated Tony Nese 

Nese met Adonis with chops in the middle of the ring as the match began. Adonis tried to fight back, but following an athletic evasion sequence, Nese left the ring and joined Daivari on commentary. Adonis ran after Nese as the referee continued to count, but Nese caught Adonis. 

Adonis reverses an Irish whip with a clothesline. He then unleashed a power-based offensive sequence that sent Nese crashing to the outside. Adonis taunted Daivari while smashing the head of Nese into the announcer’s table. Nese stumbled away from the table, throwing blows at an opponent ten feet away.

Adonis threw Nese back into the ring and flexed to the Capitol Wrestling Center’s screens. In an act of punishment, Nese threw the ring apron over Adonis and landed a dropkick. Nese landed a moonsault and near fall. 

Nese took the match to the mat, but Adonis powered up, lifting Nese onto his shoulders. Adonis dropped Nese flat on his face. He then began to connect with big strike after big strike, eventually landing a suplex for punctuation. 

Daivari left the announce booth and aided Nese in evading just as Adonis had victory in sight. Even so, Adonis connected with a DDT for a near fall. Daivari yelled into the ring, distracting Adonis just long enough for Nese to roll through and connect with a swift kick. Daivari then wrapped his hand with a chain and waited for his time to strike. 

Adonis hit a massive clothesline on Nese as Daivari hit the ring. Adonis ducked the chain loaded fist and planted Daivari with a spinebuster. Adonis lined up a superkick to flatten Nese, pinning him to win the match.

This was an impressive outing from Adonis, the cruiserweight powerhouse persona is awesome. Nese also pulled out a solid performance, as he always does, to round out this match. One of the better 205 Live matches in recent memory.