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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. August Grey


Jake Atlas defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis 

This was a breezy match. It had a simple structure and a fine execution—nothing exceptional, but not bad. 

Atlas started the match by securing the arm of Adonis and taking him to the mat. Atlas’s control was short-lived, and Adonis connected with a heavy clothesline after escaping. Adonis then took the match completely into his favor, stuffing a cartwheel DDT attempt before slamming Atlas into the CWC chain link barricade and ring steps. Adonis turned his attention to Atlas’s arm. 

Atlas escaped an armbar before connecting with multiple kicks, uppercuts, and a suplex. He then climbed to the top rope but was met by Adonis, who threw Atlas to the mat and delivered a crossbody of his own.

After a failed Adonis pin attempt, Atlas delivered a quick knee dazing Adonis. Atlas then tried for another cartwheel DDT, and this time it connected, allowing Atlas to pin Adonis for the win. 

August Grey defeated Tony Nese

The new story on 205 Live: August Grey hates count outs. Again this was fine. It was awkward at times, and this finish was kind of silly, but this wasn’t an awful match or anything approaching that. 

Grey gained an early headlock which he used to set the pace of the match. He took Nese to the ground multiple times, all the while maintaining control of the head. Nese eventually broke the hold by dropping Grey on his back. 

Nese hoisted Grey into position for a pump handle, but Grey wiggled free. Grey hit Nese before climbing to the top, only for Nese to cut him off. After slamming Grey to the mat, Nese connected with a gutbuster and a suplex. Nese then successfully hit the pump handle for a near fall.

Grey stuffed Nese’s running hotshot with his boot; this allowed Grey to slam Nese into the ropes. Grey followed up with a dive, destroying Nese—the referee’s count climbed to 9 before Grey broke the count, just as he did for Mansoor last week. Grey rolled Nese into the ring before Ariya Daivari gained his attention. Nese tried for a rollup that Grey reversed into a pin of his own for the win.