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WWE 205 Live results: Two Dusty Classic matches


Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell defeated Gigi Dolin & Cora Jade

205 Live’s first women’s match began with a typical tag team open; a headlock and a pair of quick tags. Jade gained control over LeRae. LeRae took advantage following a Hartwell distraction. Hartwell tagged into the match, landed a sidewalk slam, and tagged LeRae back in. 

Jade rocked LeRae with a forearm and secured the hot tag. Hartwell tagged in only to be on the receiving end of Dolin’s leg kicks punctuated with a punt. Jade then rejoined the match, but Hartwell immediately retook control. 

LeRae, now legal, and Jade traded back and forth rollups. Jade’s last kick out sent LeRae crashing into her own corner, allowing Hartwell to tag back in. Hartwell then dropped Jade with a spinning sidewalk slam and pinned her. 

This was a wholly ordinary match. It was entirely by the numbers with nothing special going on, but seeing as it only exists to further the tournament, it could have been worse. 

Men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa defeated Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari 

Thatcher started the match by taking Daivari straight to the mat. After being contorted in one hundred ways, Daivari managed to tag Nese into the match; Thatcher then took Nese straight to the mat. Ciampa tagged in and continued the ground work on Nese. 

Nese forced Ciampa into his corner, and with aid from Daivari, took the advantage for his team. A quick takedown left Ciampa tied up against the turnbuckle post; Daivari relentlessly whipped the legs of Ciampa into the metal beam. A Daivari figure-four leglock in the middle of the ring left Ciampa in deep water. 

Daivari lost control of the legs, which allowed Ciampa to gain a quick tag. Nese tried to maintain control for his team, but Thatcher hit the ring with ferocity. Suplexes and uppercuts left both of his opponents downed, but eventually, the numbers proved to be too much. Nese connected with a running hotshot followed by a moonsault. Daivari then hit the Persian splash for a near fall. 

Following the kick out, Thatcher reached the corner for a tag. Ciampa then took on both of his opponents, just as Thatcher did moments prior, and again the numbers proved to be too much. This time things played out differently; however, as Thatcher joined in even the odds. After a quick locking of eyes and a look of understanding between Ciampa and Thatcher, Ciampa hit Willow's Bell on Nese and pinned him in the middle of the ring. 

This was a strong match. It played well off of everyone’s strengths and came together under a nice bow.