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WWE 205 Live results: Tyler Breeze vs. Angel Garza


The presentation of the new NXT Cruiserweight title belt from Saturday was shown, along with Jordan Devlin winning the championship in the fatal four-way match at Worlds Collide.

The capper of "For the first time ever, the NXT Cruiserweight title is in the hands of an NXT UK superstar" wasn't exactly the "boyhood dream has come true!" of its era, but it was an attempt to make the moment seem important.

Jon Quasto and Aiden English were on commentary this week. Ariya Daivari helping Brian Kendrick defeat Danny Burch last week was shown to set up a rematch between Burch and Kendrick tonight. Tyler Breeze faces Angel Garza in the main event on the road to WrestleMania.

Even with his DJZ-esque air horn in his intro, Joaquin Wilde came out to dead silence.

Joaquin Wilde defeated Raul Mendoza

English talked about Wilde bringing unreal energy, and he did the air horn bit to no reaction. A long headlock by Mendoza led to them fighting over an Irish whip before trading one counts from leg trips.

Mendoza got a "Woo" from the crowd off some corner chops before locking up the arm for a bit. Wilde went up and ate a dropkick to the stomach before a spinning uranage got two. Wilde hit a poison rana, the recoil, and the Wilde Thing ended it.

Everything but the actual finish looked good -- just popping a guy up into a pair of boots doesn't look like it should do much damage. 

Danny Burch defeated Brian Kendrick (w/ Ariya Daivari) by DQ

Kendrick stalled on the floor for a while before Burch fought him on the floor and threw him into the steps. He tossed Kendrick into the barricade before Kendrick threw Burch over the announce table, with Burch selling his left knee.

Kendrick worked away on the knee before attacking Burch's throat on the rope. Daivari tried to get involved, but Burch fought him off and then landed a corner lariat and a high kick.

A missile dropkick got two for Burch. Daivari tried to help Kendrick get the win like last week, but the referee caught him this time. Burch hit a headbutt and locked on a crossface, but Daivari attacked for the disqualification. This actually got a chorus of boos, so that was impressive.

Kendrick ran a chair into the back of Burch's left knee and went to Pillmanize him until Oney Lorcan returned and ran out with his own steel chair to make the save.

It was announced that NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin will make his 205 Live debut next week.

Angel Garza defeated Tyler Breeze

Garza entered with his right shoulder covered in kinesio tape, which may not be the best thing for him since his shoulder's been an issue for years.

They fought over a lock-up for a bit before Garza got tackled and Breeze posed. Garza stopped on an Irish whip and teased taking off his tear-away pants, but Breeze hit an enzuigiri to prevent it. Garza faked Breeze out mid-ring and they went back and forth until Garza faked him out on the fakeout, pulled him to the floor, and put the boots to him.

Garza put Breeze in the second rope and booted the stomach for two before hitting a shotgun dropkick. The pants were then off! That got the best reaction of the night, then Garza hit a PK in a tree-of-woe position for two.

Breeze hit a flying forearm and a dropkick from the side before a big corner forearm shot. The Supermodel Kick hit for 2.5. Breeze then went for a kick, but Garza landed a hard knee for two.

Garza hit a dropkick and went up for a moonsault, but Breeze rolled to the other side. They repeated it and Garza attacked before a springboard moonsault met the boots of Breeze. Breeze got a small package for two before the Wing Clipper gave Garza the win and handed Breeze his first loss on 205 Live.