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WWE 205 Live results: Xyon Quinn vs. Jeet Rama


Amari Miller and Valentina Feroz defeated Katrina Cortez and Yulisa Leon 

This was, in fact, a wrestling match. There isn’t much more to say. 

Feroz opened the match by taking Cortez to the mat, but Cortez gained control while grounded, tagging out soon after. Cortez and Leon traded tags, gaining significant match control. 

Leon and Cortez maintained their control even as Miller entered the fray. This lasted until Feroz interrupted a pin attempt, giving Miller enough time to connect with a knee. A pin followed, leaving Miller and Feroz victorious. 

Duke Hudson defeated Malik Blade

A video package played before the match that revealed Hudson likes to play poker. I’m not sure as to why. His graphic package also looked like a 2008 online poker website, so I guess it’s vital to his character. 

The match itself was a typical “brains vs brawn” showcase. Nothing atypical about it; this was a by-the-numbers match. 

From the beginning, Hudson took advantage of his size, tossing Blade every which way. Hudson forced Blade to wrestle his way into an advantage. Hudson’s power was able to overcome the wit of Blade, however. Hudson threw Blade face-first into the mat before pinning him to close the match. 

Xyon Quinn defeated Jeet Rama 

This match was fantastic. It was short and punctual but still allowed both men to shine-- a truly terrific outing. It’s almost hard to believe this was on 205 Live. 

Back and forth wrestling opened this match, with Rama coming out with a slight advantage. The opening sequence was great, full of great moments of grappling. 

Rama avoided all of Quinn’s attempts at offence, leaving him with firm control as the match entered its midpoint. This all ended after Quinn finally powered out to slam Rama before using his power to toss him all over the ring. Quinn hoisted Rama onto his shoulders to deliver a Samoan drop that he followed with a leaping forearm. Quinn pinned Rama, marking an end to tonight’s main event.