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WWE Allentown, PA, live results: AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose; Randy Orton vs. Kane

Becky Lynch

Submitted by Richard Orloski

They used video to show the entrances and the post-match stuff. 

- IC Champion Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz (w/Maryse)

Ziggler wins with a superkick after Maryse was ejected for interfering. Good reaction for Ziggler and good heat for Miz. There was both "Let's go Ziggler" and "Miz is awful" chants.  After the match, Ziggler spent a lot of time with the fans, and superkicked a scarecrow decoration before exiting.

- Jack Swagger def. Tyler Breeze

Swagger got some "We the people" chants. Breeze tried to do a pre-match promo and convinced Swagger to take a selfie with him. After, the ankle lock was applied for the tap in 10 seconds. 

- Apollo Crews & Hype Bros def. The Vaudevillains & Curt Hawkins

Hawkins & Ryder got into it instead of pretending they were strangers. There was a "Let's Go Ryder" chant. Rawley did a lot of ridiculous nonsense before executing some simple moves. Crews pinned Aiden English after a spot where everyone in match hits their finisher until those two were left.

- Baron Corbin def. Kalisto

Corbin wins with End of Days. Several "Lucha" chants. This was a very basic match.

- We get a locker room vignette with Rhyno & Health Slater being confronted by the Usos.

- Randy Orton def. Kane in a no dq match

Kendo sticks, chairs & steps were all used. "RKO", "We want tables" and "Ran-dy" chants. Orton wins with the RKO after a Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper distraction. After the pin, Orton threw Bray his hat back (it fell off during the interference) and Orton, Wyatt, and Harper each posed victoriously in a separate corner. I wasn't aware there was a RKO/Wyatt Family pseudo-alliance.

- Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch & Naomi def. Carmella & Alexa Bliss

Lynch taps Carmella with the Dis-Arm-Her.  Considering her size, Bliss' offense looks good, and her selling was good.

- Smackdown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Rhyno def. The Usos and American Alpha in a three-way

Rhyno pinned an Uso after a gore. American Alpha got decent pop, and all teams got a decent reaction. Brief "ECW" chant as Rhyno was in the ring to start the match.

- WWE Champion AJ Styles def. Dean Ambrose

Crowd was mixed, but tilted more heavily to Ambrose. Chants before match "AJ Sty-les" and "Let's Go Ambrose" during match.  DA was in the Calf Crusher for a long time before getting to the ropes, and then sold it for less than a minute and was back to normal. AJ got the pin after DA hit his head on a turnbuckle that AJ exposed during the match.

AJ grabbed the mic, and starting saying something, and then tried to hit Ambrose with the belt, missed, and ended up eating the Dirty Deeds.


This is my third time at a house show at the new PPL Center in downtown Allentown.  There were plenty of people there, but it was probably the smallest crowd of the three times by a little bit.  The crowd, though a bit smaller, was still hot all night.