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WWE Dayton live results: Loser eats dog food match


Submitted by Carl Farnum

- Braun Strowman & SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Sami Zayn) & The Revival

Strowman and New Day were hugely over and The Revival had massive heat. I thought the match went a little too long. It ended with a powerslam from Strowman to Nakamura.

- Asuka defeated Natalya and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match

This wasn't good. It was very sloppy and the timing was horrible. The crowd started to get very restless near the end.

Asuka submitted Natalya with the Asuka Lock.

- Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe defeated AOP by DQ

An average tag match. The disqualification happened when AOP hit Joe with the ring bell. Owens cut a promo after the match saying AOP's hearts are probably the size of their nuts, which got a pop.

- Universal Champion The Fiend defeated The Miz in a last man standing match to retain his title

Split crowd -- but it leaned toward The Fiend. The lights weren't as bad as I've heard, though that could be due to the live event lighting compared to TV lighting.

They had a pretty good last man standing match. The Fiend won after chokeslamming The Miz through a table.

- After intermission, Lana and Bobby Lashley came out to renew their wedding vows. Lashley seemed like he couldn't care less. Rusev came out and attacked Lashley, then Andrade came down and attacked Rusev.

Andrade cut a short promo and received the "What?" treatment. Rusev then threw Andrade out of the ring and stood tall.

- Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles

Bit of a comedic start with Orton pulling Styles' hair. They had a good match that the crowd was really into. The crowd was split at the start, but by the end they were pro-Orton. Orton won with an RKO.

- Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin in a loser eats dog food match

A surprisingly good match. Corbin played a good heel and Reigns was pretty over. Reigns won with a spear.

Corbin left the ring after the match and Reigns called him back. Corbin attacked Reigns and almost made him eat the dog food, but Reigns gave Corbin a low blow and forced him to eat it.