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WWE Elimination Chamber live results: The road to WrestleMania comes to Saudi Arabia

The WWE Championship will be on the line in an Elimination Chamber match.

WWE returns to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for this year’s Elimination Chamber event.

Two matches will be held inside the chamber. One will feature Bobby Lashley defending the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, Riddle, and AJ Styles. Lesnar has made it a point to win the WWE Championship so he could go to WrestleMania and face Roman Reigns with both titles on the line.

The second chamber match will be for the right to face Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, or Lita depending on who leaves as champion tonight in their match, at WrestleMania. Participants include Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H., and the returning Alexa Bliss.

Another key title match will have Roman Reigns defending the WWE Universal Championship against Goldberg in a match that was originally supposed to take place at WrestleMania 36 back in 2020. Reigns has promised to “Goldberg Goldberg”, while Goldberg has stated that Reigns is next.

Other matches scheduled include The Usos vs. The Viking Raiders for the SmackDown Tag Team titles, Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss, Ronda Rousey (with one arm tied behind her back) and Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville, and Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz.

Live coverage begins at 11 a.m. Eastern time.


In a pre-show interview, Natalya picked Liv Morgan as her choice to win the women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz

This was fine as far as a match goes. The heel/babyface dynamic was way off with the babyfaces having the person at ringside advantage, but this is hardly new. Besides, this isn’t a company that particularly cares about heel/babyface dynamics.

Miz jumped Mysterio immediately at the bell. Mysterio made a comeback and went for a 619, but Miz bailed to the outside. Mysterio hit a sliding dive to the outside, splashing Miz. Mysterio went to jump off the turnbuckle, but Miz crotched him to regain control. Announcers wondered why Maryse wasn’t around. I think I know why.

After Miz confronted Dominik at ringside, Dominik struck him, allowing Mysterio to get a two count. Michael Cole said that Miz “deserved it '' because he took a swipe at Dominik. Mysterio made a comeback and sent Miz into the ringpost. Mysterio connected with a seated senton and a crossbody. Mysterio went for a sunset flip but Miz cut Mysterio off with a DDT. Mysterio blocked a skull crushing finale attempt and connected with the 619. He went for a splash, but Miz escaped to the outside.

Miz took a chair as he tried to enter the ring, but Mysterio hit a splash to the outside. Dominik tried to take the chair away from Miz, but Miz threw himself into the steps and pretended like he had been hit. Dominik argued with the referee but was thrown out. Miz took advantage of the situation by trying to lay out Mysterio with the skull crushing finale, but Mysterio countered with a victory roll for the win.

After the match, Miz attacked Dominik. The Mysterio proceeded to lay out Miz, hitting a double 619. Both Dominik and Rey laid out Miz with a frog splash.

Roman Reigns defeated Goldberg to retain the WWE Universal Championship

This was very short, maybe five minutes at most. Anything longer I don’t think would have been that good. Exactly the kind of match you book with Goldberg in 2022.

The two locked up. Reigns sent Goldberg to the outside and tried to send Goldberg into the barricade, but Goldberg countered and threw Reigns into the barricade instead. Reigns attacked Goldberg in the ring but Goldberg fired back with a spear. Reigns cut off a jackhammer attempt and hit a uranage. Reigns connected with a superman punch, they’re already going for finishes.

Reigns went for a spear, but Goldberg countered with his own spear. Reigns again blocked the jackhammer and latched on the guillotine. Goldberg tried to fight out of it by using the corner but Reigns stayed on. Goldberg passed out and that was it.

Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H, Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, and Rhea Ripley in an Elimination Chamber match.

This felt pretty quick for an Elimination Chamber match, going for pinfalls pretty early into the match.  It was fine, and the crowd was into it, but they kept it pretty simple.

Everyone was still mostly covered, but were not wearing t-shirts unlike previous times women wrestled in Saudi Arabia.

Morgan and Nikki started things off. Nikki slammed Morgan into the padding on the outside but Morgan fired back and threw Nikki into a nearby pod. Nikki then threw Morgan into the chain link fence. Doudrop entered first and acted like she wanted to team with Nikki, but instead laid her out and splashed her into the chainlink fence, then did the same to Morgan, also taking her out with a running senton. 

Doudrop hit the ringpost when trying to charge into Nikki, leaving Nikki by herself when Ripley entered the ring next. Doudrop tried to attack Ripley but Ripley laid her out. Both Ripley and Nikki tried climbing the cage, with Ripley slamming Nikki’s head into the fence. Nikki fell, sending her crashing into Morgan and Doudrop. Ripley took her back into the ring and pinned Nikki following the riptide.

Alexa Bliss entered the ring next. Morgan took her out, but Doudrop pushed her off the post and into a pod. Doudrop took out Ripley but Morgan fired back with a sunset flip, pinning Doudrop.

Belair entered the ring last as she and Ripley took out Bliss and Morgan. Once they hit stereo suplexes on both, they went back and forth until Morgan hit a double codebreaker. Bliss took out Morgan and hit the twisted bliss to eliminate Morgan. Ripley went with the Riptide on Belair, but Bliss got involved, and Belair hit the KOD on Ripley to eliminate her, leaving it down to Belair and Bliss.

The two went back near the chain link fence, where Belair powerbombed Bliss into the fence. Belair missed a 450 splash. Bliss went for a DDT, but Belair managed to avoid it twice. After some near falls, Bliss told Belair to give up. Belair responded by hitting the KOD on Bliss and pinning her to win the match.

Ronda Rousey and Naomi defeated Sonya Deville and Charlotte

Just kinda there. Naomi did some cool spots, Ronda looked fine despite having one arm tied. Not much to write home about.

Rousey came out wearing a gi. Michael Cole on commentary said it was the same gi she wore when she won the bronze medal in judo at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Deville immediately revealed that her arm had recovered. Rousey’s arm was not tied behind her back but was tied to her side, I guess. Naomi was tagged in but Deville cut her off by pushing her into the turnbuckle as Naomi attempted a bulldog. Naomi countered and tagged in Rousey who quickly took down Deville. Charlotte interfered and drove Rousey into the turnbuckle, giving her team the advantage.

Both Deville and Charlotte kept Rousey in the corner. Rousey tried to fight out, but Charlotte remained in control. Rousey finally freed herself and made the hot tag to Naomi, who took Charlotte to the outside and hit a corkscrew plancha to the outside. Naomi took Charlotte back to the ring but Charlotte cut off Naomi with a powerbomb. Charlotte put on the figure eight, but Rousey broke it up.

Rousey tagged back in and took out Deville with the Piper’s Pit samoan drop, then latched on the armbar. Charlotte doesn’t bother helping out Deville as she quickly submitted.

Drew McIntyre defeated Riddick Moss in a falls count anywhere match

This was fine. It was largely designed to get you to want to see McIntyre vs. Corbin, probably at WrestleMania. Moss landing on his neck was scary and I have zero idea how the match wasn’t stopped, it looked that awful.

Corbin immediately jumped McIntyre at the bell. McIntyre chased Corbin out the arena and cut off Moss, who tried to jump him from behind. Corbin came back and the two with a double suplex. Moss hit a fallaway slam on the ramp.

McIntyre cut off Moss in the ring, and hit a Alabama Slam. Moss landed right on his head and it looked AWFUL. Moss somehow got up and continued the match. McIntyre threw him into the announce table, but Corbin came back with a chair. Both Corbin and Moss threw McIntyre into the barricade. McIntyre cut off Moss and connected with a giant superplex.

McIntyre hit the future shock DDT as Corbin entered the ring to interfere again. McIntyre took out his sword, which scared off Corbin. Still carrying his sword, McIntyre drilled Moss with the claymore kick for the win.

Miz in a backstage promo said that he was outnumbered in his pre-show match earlier tonight against Rey Mysterio. He said he would find a tag team partner, excusing himself to make a phone call.

They showed the WWE superstars having fun in Jeddah, because Saudi Arabia is a fun place to visit if you forget about the government ordering someone dismembered or the various human rights violations.

Becky Lynch defeated Lita to retain the Raw Women’s Championship

Not much of anything early, but this picked up near the end with some good near falls. Overall, a good match.

Back and forth early. Lita teased the twist of fate but Lynch cut her off and pummled her with punches. Lynch hit a legdrop and applied a sleeper. Lita fought out of it and hit a monkey flip. Lynch took Lita to the apron and legdropped Lita again for a nearfall. Lynch hit an exploder and went for a second, but Lita dropped Lynch with a DDT.

Lita and Lynch traded punches as Lita connected with a crossbody off the middle rope. They traded nearfalls. There was a weird spot where Lynch got up, then suddenly just fell as Lita went for a sleeper. Lynch went to the top rope, but Lita took her out with a headscissors takedown and hit the twist of fate for a nearfall. Lita went for the moonsault, but Lynch cut her off and hit the disarmher, then the manhandle slam, but Lita put her foot on the ropes.

Lynch repeatedly slammed Lita’s face onto the mat. She went for a moonsault, but Lita missed. Lita hit the twist of fate again, then the moonsault, but Lynch kicked out again. Lita went to grab Lynch, but Lynch hit a second manhandle slam, pinning Lita.

They confirmed the Raw Women’s Championship match being Becky Lynch defending against Bianca Belair.

After Lynch left, Lita’s music played again as she posed for the crowd.

The Usos jumped The Viking Raiders as they were coming down to the ring for their match. They suplexed Ivar onto Erik. So there’s no SmackDown Tag Team title match. Great build, great match. Great segment. Totally worth flying over for this! I totally believe the Viking Raiders can win these titles from the Usos.

Brock Lesnar defeated Bobby Lashley, Austin Theory, Riddle, AJ Styles, and Seth Rollins in an Elimination Chamber match to win the WWE Championship

This was a match designed to put over Brock Lesnar as a demigod who no one could even touch, save for maybe Bobby Lashley who was taken out of the match in minutes. It served it’s purpose, but boy it sure does suck to not be named Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns around here!

Seth Rollins and Austin Theory started things off. Theory hit a back suplex and a fisherman’s suplex but Rollins kicked out. Rollins connected with superkicks and threw Theory into the pod area where he buckle bombed Theory into Bobby Lashley’s pod, taking out both Lashley and Theory. Announcers pushed Lashley might have hit his head on a steel beam.

Riddle is the first to enter as he went after Rollins, hitting an exploder and a running senton. WWE officials were checking on Lashley as Riddle and Rollins went to the top rope. Rollins hit a reverse suplex. Lashley was taken out of the chamber as AJ Styles entered the ring.

Styles remained in control as he went to do something with Riddle on the top rope, but Rollins fought him. This eventually turned into a tower of doom spot, with Theory taking out Styles and Rollins, but Riddle connected with the floating bro. Riddle started to do Randy Orton’s mannerisms. Bobby Lashley was supposed to enter next, but they confirmed that Lashley was put under “concussion protocol” and would not return to the match. Lesnar kicked out of his pod, not waiting for his time to enter and immediately pinned Rollins and Riddle with F5’s in quick fashion. And as I finished typing that, AJ Styles was pinned.

Lesnar then set his sights on Theory, who ran around the ring and tried to escape. But it was no use, as Lesnar caught up to him and quickly took him out. Theory low blowed Lesnar, giving him an opportunity to land a dropkick and a DDT. Lesnar kicked out of the DDT attempt as Theory climbed up the cage to try and escape. But Lesnar climbed up and grabbed him as they landed on top of a pod. Lesnar then grabbed Theory and threw him off the pod with an F5. That looked insane. Lesnar eventually pinned Theory to win the WWE Championship again.

The announcers quickly announced that it would be a champion vs. champion match at WrestleMania, but didn’t specifically say both titles would be on the line. The show went off the air with Lesnar celebrating amidst a large fireworks display.

This was an alright show, nothing was bad. But there are probably better things to do on a Saturday than watch this. There’s nothing really worth watching that won’t be covered Monday or Friday.