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WWE Extreme Rules live results: Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor


Roman Reigns faces off with "The Demon" Finn Balor in the main event of tonight's Extreme Rules pay-per-view at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

The Universal Championship will be on the line in Reigns and Balor's Extreme Rules match. If Reigns wins, he'll defend the title against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia next month. Reigns vs. Lesnar at Crown Jewel will be a non-title match if Balor wins the Universal Championship tonight.

Becky Lynch made her surprise return at SummerSlam last month, defeating Bianca Belair in 26 seconds to win the SmackDown Women's Championship. The two will have a rematch for the title tonight.

Three other title matches are also set for Extreme Rules. Charlotte Flair will defend her Raw Women's Championship against Alexa Bliss, Damian Priest will face Sheamus and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match for the United States title, and The Street Profits will challenge for The Usos' SmackDown Tag Team titles.

Plus, Liv Morgan goes one-on-one with Carmella.

Tonight's pre-show begins at 7 p.m. Eastern time. The main card will then start at 8 p.m. Eastern.



Kayla Braxton started the kick-off show by introducing her panel members JBL, Pete Rosenberg, Kevin Patrick, and Booker T. They ran down the lineup for tonight's card and announced Liv Morgan vs. Carmella for the pre-show. 

They recapped the Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair feud. Sonya Deville joined the panel to discuss the matches tonight. Braxton pointed out that Deville seems to have a problem with Naomi. Deville said she's an authority figure, and Naomi needs to respect her. 

The panel discussed the SmackDown Women's title match. Rosenberg wondered if Belair could gain an advantage after losing in 26 seconds, and Booker bluntly said no. JBL agreed and felt Belair should have turned Lynch down at SummerSlam. 

They recapped Big E defeating Bobby Lashley to win the WWE Championship two weeks ago. The recap included Bloodline against New Day and Roman Reigns winning the triple threat match.

In the back, Sarah Schreiber was waiting for the New Day when AJ Styles and Omos approached. Styles began talking when The New Day showed up. They pointed out that Styles and Omos don't have a match tonight. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley jumped Big E, and a brawl broke out. 

The panel turned their attention to the triple threat match between Sheamus, Damian Priest, and Jeff Hardy. They announced New Day vs. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos in a six-man tag team match for the pay-per-view. 

Booker thinks Big E needs to stop helping out his friends and should focus on his career. During the segment, the fans broke into a brief "JBL" chant. 

They recapped Roman Reigns defeating Montez Ford and the post-match beat down from SmackDown. Earlier today, Street Profits arrived at the building. Angelo Dawkins didn't like that Reigns, and The Usos jumped Ford. They promised to win the titles tonight. 

They recapped the Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair feud. They then showed Flair arriving at the building in a limo. Deville joined the panel again to discuss the Raw Women's title match. 

Liv Morgan defeated Carmella (7:51)

Morgan and Carmella had a fine pre-show match. This was better than their recent encounters on SmackDown partly because of the crowd. 

They recapped Carmella claiming Morgan broke her nose two weeks ago. Morgan got a good reaction from the crowd. 

Before the match, Carmella grabbed the mic, and the fans erupted in boos. Carmella bragged that her pretty face is her greatest asset, which separates her from people like Morgan. Carmella added that she's hot and Morgan's not. 

Morgan jumped Carmella and had the early advantage. She tried to send Carmella face-first into the turnbuckle, but she avoided it. Morgan then sent Carmella to the floor with a dropkick.

Carmella dropped Morgan on the apron and hit a superkick to take over. She followed up with a suplex for a near fall. Carmella slowed the pace down with a chin lock, but Morgan broke free to loud cheers. Carmella then dropped Morgan on her head for another near fall. Morgan fought back with a Thez Press to more loud cheers. She followed up with an enziguri and a stomp for a two-count. The fans broke into a loud "Let's go, Liv" chant. 

Carmella hit a superkick for another two-count. Morgan fought back and hit the double knees for a close near fall. Carmella then trash-talked Morgan and dragged her to the floor. The fans broke into a loud "Let's go, Morgan" chant. Morgan fought back and dropped Carmella face-first on the announce table. Morgan then hit the oblivion for the win. The fans popped for the finish. 

They recapped the Roman Reigns and Demon Finn Balor feud. Sarah Schreiber interviewed Paul Heyman in the back.

She wondered if they overlooked the Demon Finn Balor. Heyman mocked her and said, that's the stupidest question. He believes Braxton probably requested not to interview him tonight. Heyman promised that Reigns would retain the title and said that's not a prediction but a spoiler. 

Main Show

The New Day defeated Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos (18:10)

This was a good six-man tag opener. 

They recapped Big E winning the WWE Championship two weeks ago. 

Fans broke into a loud "New Day Rocks" chant at the ring of the bell. Woods had the early advantage, but Styles fought back with the calf crusher. Woods made it to the ropes and tagged in Kofi Kingston. The fans erupted in a loud "Kofi" chant. 

Kingston missed the trouble in paradise, and Styles went for a back suplex. Kingston landed on his feet and went for a back suplex, but Styles slipped out and went for a chop block. 

Big E tagged in and got a big pop. Big E threw Styles into his corner and demanded Lashley tag in the match. Big E backed Lashley into his corner, and New Day stomped down Lashley. 

Kingston attempted a dive on the floor, but Lashley caught him. Woods then hit a dropkick, knocking them both down. Lashley took over after tossing Kingston across the ring. The heels isolated Kingston on their side of the ring. The fans reacted big when Omos entered the match and rocked Kingston with forearms and an uppercut. 

Omos lifted Kingston with a vertical suplex but dropped him face-first. Styles tagged in and slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Styles went after the New Day, but that gave Kingston the chance to fight back. Lashley tagged in, but Kingston sent him to the floor. Lashley then pulled Big E off the apron and dropped Kingston face-first for a near fall. 

Kingston regained control but had nobody to tag. Lashley took back over and went for a power slam, but Kingston slipped out the back. Woods got the hot tag and ran wild on Lashley. He caught Lashley with a shotgun dropkick and DDT for a near fall. Lashley fought back and hit a power slam on Woods. 

Woods hit a missile dropkick and tagged in Big E. Big E caught Styles with a belly-to-belly suplex and knocked Omos off the apron. Big E followed up with a big splash. He went for the Big Ending, but Styles avoided the move. Styles charged at Big E, but he caught him with a uranage. They almost messed up the move, but Big E recovered and planted Styles for a two-count. 

Big E went for the spear off the apron, but Styles counted with a leg drop. Big E and Kingston hit a powerbomb/double foot stomp for a near fall, but Lashley broke up the pin.

Kingston avoided a spear with a leapfrog and sent Styles to the floor. Big E sent Kingston over the top rope, but Omos rocked him with a big chop. 

In the ring, Lashley dropped Big E face-first for a two count. Lashley set up for the hurt lock, but Styles tagged himself in and went for the Phenomenal Forearm. Lashley tagged himself back in and accidentally hit the spear on Styles. Big E then hit the big ending on Lashley for the win. 

They showed Becky Lynch in the back getting ready for her match. The fans popped for Lynch. 

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated The Street Profits to retain the titles (13:43)

The Street Profits and Usos had a really good match and had the fans going crazy by the end. 

They recapped Roman Reigns and The Usos attacking Montez Ford last Friday. 

Ford heavily taped up his ribs because of the attack. The Street Profits had the early advantage after a pair of dropkicks.

The fans broke into a loud "We want the smoke" chant. The Usos took over after Jimmy targeted Ford's ribs. Jimmy and Jey then dropped Ford on the top rope. Jey then gave Ford a back suplex on the floor and pulled off the tape. 

Jey slowed the pace down by working over the ribs. Ford tried to make the tag, but Jey pulled him back and hit a forearm. Jey then missed a splash, and Dawkins got the hot tag.

Dawkins ran wild and hit a flying elbow on Jey. He followed up with twisting splashes on Jey and then Jimmy. Jimmy recovered and sent Dawkins to the floor. 

Jimmy attempted a suicide dive, but Dawkins caught him and hit a suplex. Jey attempted a suicide dive, but Dawkins cut him off. Dawkins hit a superplex into a twisting neck breaker on Jey for a close near fall. The fans broke into a loud "We want tables" chant. 

The Street Profits hit a doomsday blockbuster for a close two-count. Jey hit a splash on Dawkins, but Ford made a blind tag. Dawkins then hit a spine buster, and Ford went for the frog splash, but Jey got his knees up. Jey rolled up Ford for a near fall.

Jey rocked Dawkins with a superkick, and Jimmy hit a splash for a near fall. The fans broke into a "This is awesome" chant. The Usos dragged Dawkins to the floor and threw him into the barricade. Ford then hit a huge flip dive over the ring post onto the Usos to a huge pop. Ford followed up with a frog splash for a close near fall, but Jimmy broke up the pin. The fans broke into another loud "This is awesome" chant. 

Jimmy went for a superkick, but Dawkins took the bullet for Ford. The Usos took back over and hit a double superkick on Ford and followed up with a double splash for the win.

In the back, Bobby Lashley called Big E a coward and chicken and demanded a title match to win his title back.  

Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair defeated Alexa Bliss to retain the title (11:25)

Flair and Bliss had a fine match, but the finish was a bit sudden. The finish felt flat, and the post-match angle went on too long. 

They did the special ring introduction, and Bliss got a huge pop from the hometown crowd. 

The fans immediately broke into a loud "Let's go Bliss" chant. Bliss caught Flair with a dropkick for the early advantage. Flair avoided a DDT, but Bliss sent her to the floor and hit a cannonball off the apron. 

Flair caught Bliss and slammed her down. Bliss tried to fight back, but Flair hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Flair slowed the pace down with a submission, but Bliss broke free with a hurricanrana into the bottom turnbuckle. 

Flair quickly regained control after dropping Bliss on the middle turnbuckle.

Bliss sent Flair to the floor with a dropkick and went for a sliding dropkick. Flair caught her and swung Bliss into the barricade. 

Flair went for a moonsault, but Bliss rolled out of the way. Flair landed on her feet and hit a standing moonsault for a close near fall. Bliss avoided natural selection and rocked Flair with a right hand. Flair recovered and went for another moonsault but Bliss got her feet up. She followed up with a sunset bomb for a close near fall. 

Flair avoided twisted Bliss. Bliss then hit a DDT for a near fall, but Flair got her foot on the bottom rope. The finish came when Flair threw Lilly at Bliss and hit a big boot. She followed up with natural selection for the win. 

After the match, Flair threw Bliss out of the ring and ripped up Lilly to pieces. The fans booed the finish, and Flair tearing up Lilly. Bliss jumped back in the ring and beat down Flair. They fought around ringside, and the fans broke into a loud "table" chant. Flair gained control and tossed Bliss over the announce table. Flair possed with the title and walked off. 

The fans applauded Bliss as she got back to her feet. Bliss started screaming and held the pieces of Lilly in her hands. The fans broke into a loud "Thank you Lilly" chant. Bliss screamed some more as she held Lilly. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton snuck up on Paul Heyman on the phone. He was talking about the draft when Braxton approached. Heyman mocked Braxton and wondered if she was jealous that he was on the phone with another journalist. He said it didn't matter if he's on the phone with Brock Lesnar. He walked off when the Usos came by. 

Triple Threat Match: United States Champion Damian Priest defeated Jeff Hardy and Sheamus to retain the title (13:18)

They had a good match that picked up towards the end. The fans were firmly behind Hardy and wanted him to win the title. 

Sheamus jumped Hardy at the ring of the bell. Priest and Sheamus then brawled around ringside. Priest was firmly in control when Hardy hit a dive off the steps. Hardy took over and hit a dive off the apron on Sheamus. 

Priest regained control and hit a series of splashes on Hardy and Sheamus. He followed up with the falcon arrow on Hardy for a near fall, but Sheamus made the save. The fans broke into a "Hardy" and then a "table" chant. 

Sheamus took over and isolated Hardy. Sheamus tried to hit the forearms to the chest, but Priest fought back. Priest seemed to slip off the apron, but he recovered. Sheamus knocked him back down, but Hardy hit a crossbody on Sheamus to gain control. 

Hardy rolled up Sheamus, but Priest broke up the pin attempt. Hardy then hit whisper in the wind on both Sheamus and Priest for a near fall. Sheamus hit the Alabama Slam on Hardy for a near fall, but his mask fell off. Sheamus locked on the cloverleaf, but Priest attacked Sheamus. 

Priest kicked Sheamus in the face. Sheamus recovered and hit White Noise for a close near fall.

Hardy caught Sheamus with a twist of fate. Priest went for his finisher, but Hardy tried countering with a twist of fate. They messed up the move and ended up in a dragon sleeper accidentally.

Hardy hit the twist of fate and climbed to the top. Sheamus knocked off Hardy and mocked him. 

Sheamus hit a knee drop on Preist for a near fall. Priest fought back and went for the pin, but Hardy hit a Swanton bomb to a huge pop to break it up. The fans broke into a loud "Hardy" chant. Hardy and Preist traded shots in the middle of the ring.

The fans booed Priest and cheered Hardy. Preist went for a springboard off the middle rope, but Sheamus caught him with a knee. Hardy knocked Sheamus out and scored a very close near fall on Preist. 

The finish came when Sheamus hit the brogue kick on Hardy, but Priest rolled up Sheamus to retain the title. Priest celebrated his win and showed Hardy respect after the match.

In the back, Big E accepted Bobby Lashley's challenge and said he'll be in the ring at 8 p.m. Monday for his title defense. 

Bianca Belair defeated SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch via DQ (17:26)

Lynch and Belair had a good match until the disqualification finish. Sasha Banks made her surprise return and attacked Belair and then Lynch. 

They did the special ring introduction. The fans broke into a loud "Becky" chant and an "EST" chant. 

Lynch went for the manhandle slam early, but Belair countered with a KOD. Lynch avoided the KOD and rolled to the floor. Michael Cole pushed that Belair almost beat Lynch in 26 seconds. The fans broke into dueling "Let's go Becky" and "EST" chants. 

Belair used a slam and hit a splash for a near fall. Lynch was briefly in control, but Belair avoided her with a moonsault and hit a dropkick. Lynch hung Belair on the top rope using Belair's ponytail. 

Lynch took over and slowed the pace down. The fans continued with the dueling chants of "Let's go Becky" and "EST." Lynch followed up with a sliding leg drop and an elbow drop. 

Belair avoided the dis-arm-her, but Lynch hit a suplex. Lynch slowed the pace down again with a chin lock. The fans broke into another "Let's go Becky" and "EST" chant. 

Belair powered out of the chin lock and hit a suplex. She followed up with forearms and dropkicks. Belair then hit a suplex, rolled through, and hit a delayed vertical suplex. Lynch and Belair had a tug-o-war over Belair's hair. Belair pulled Lynch in and hit a spine buster for a close two-count. 

Lynch hit a crossbody, but Belair caught her and hit a fallaway slam for a near fall. Lynch recovered and climbed to the top rope, but Belair cut her off.

Belair picked up Lynch in a press slam, but Lynch escaped. Lynch went for the dis-arm-her, but Belair made it to the ropes. 

Belair sent Lynch to the floor and went for the double arm chicken wing. Lynch countered and sent Belair into the steps. She followed up with a leg drop off the middle turnbuckle for a near fall. Lynch hit a second leg drop on Belair hanging over the middle rope for a two-count. 

Lynch went for the manhandle slam, but Belair countered with a suplex. Lynch rolled through and went for an armbar. Belair countered with a powerbomb for another near fall. They traded shots and pinfall attempts. Lynch rolled through and went for the dis-arm-her, but Belair powered out. Belair went for the KOD when Sasha Banks ran out for disqualification. 

After the match, Banks attacked Belair and brawled with Lynch. Banks gained the upper hand and beat down both Lynch and Belair. She promised to be on SmackDown for the Draft.

Extreme Rules: Universal Champion Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) defeated The Demon Finn Balor to retain the title (19:38)

Reigns and Balor had a really good match, although the finish had a ton of smoke and mirrors. They told a good story and had the fans going crazy by the end. 

They recapped Brock Lesnar returning at SummerSlam and Reigns' feud with The Demon. Michael Cole pointed out that Reigns has been Universal Champion for 391 days and wondered if he'd be champion at Crown Jewel. Cole also pointed out that Balor is undefeated as The Demon. 

Balor and Reigns traded shots to start the match. Reigns went for a slam, but Balor attacked the eyes. Reigns fought back and hit a Samoan Drop for a near fall. He rolled out of the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. The fans booed that it wasn't a table.

Reigns looked around, and Balor appeared on the other side of the ring with a bundle of kendo sticks. Balor used the kendo sticks to beat down Reigns but Reigns fought back. 

The fans broke into a "We want tables" chant. Balor trapped Reigns in the ring curtain and beat him down. He started to pull out a table from under the ring to a massive pop. Reigns cut Balor off and put the table back to thunderous boos. The fans erupted in a loud "We want tables" chant. 

Reigns grabbed a chair and beat down Balor. Balor fought back and hit a double foot stomp with the chair. The fans broke into a loud "table" chant.

Balor brought in the table to a huge pop. Reigns suddenly hit the drive-by out of nowhere. He then threw Balor over the barricade into the crowd. Reigns put on a mask and brawled with Balor through the crowd. 

They fought near the kick-off panel's table. Balor hit a crossbody off the panel's table onto Reigns through a second table. 

In the ring, Balor set up the first table but Reigns recovered. He slammed Balor through the table for a close near fall. The fans broke into a "This is awesome" chant. Reigns missed the superman punch, and Balor hit a Pele kick. Reigns recovered and hit a superman punch for a two-count. 

Reigns went for a spear, but Balor countered with a kick to the face. He followed up with the sling blade. Balor went for the shotgun dropkick, but Reigns hit a spear for a near fall. When Balor kicked out, he gave Reigns a low blow, which Reigns did a few weeks ago to Balor. 

Balor took over and hit a dive to the floor. He followed up with the coup de grace, but The Usos ran out and broke up the pin. The Usos beat him down and hit a double superkick. They set up a table at ringside. 

Balor fought back and took out Jimmy. Balor then gave Jey a powerbomb through the announce table to a huge pop. The fans were going crazy when Reigns speared Balor through the barricade to a massive pop. The fans went crazy and broke into a loud "Holy s***" chant. 

Suddenly, the lights turned red, and a heartbeat played in the arena. Balor suddenly jumped to his feet, and his music started playing. He ran wild and beat down Reigns with a chair around ringside. Balor then put Reigns through a table. 

Balor sent Reigns back in the ring and climbed to the top rope. Suddenly, the top rope broke, and Balor fell in the ring. The lights turned back on, and Reigns hit the spear for the win. There was no explanation why the top rope suddenly broke and the red light made it difficult to watch the last few minutes. 

Reigns and The Usos celebrated his win to end a fun pay-per-view. WWE Champion Big E vs. Bobby Lashley is official for tomorrow night on Raw.