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WWE Extreme Rules live results: Title matches, Eye for an Eye, more


Preview by Josh Nason

Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules carries the tagline "The Horror Show" with two of the scheduled matches following suit.

The most talked about pairing is Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match where "a winner can only determined by extracting the opponent’s eye." Putting logistics aside, Rollins attacked Mysterio's eye on a May edition of Raw. Mysterio returned to team with Kevin Owens against Rollins & Murphy, getting to choose the stipulation for the singles match when his team won.

Also on the show is Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt in a non-title Wyatt Swamp Fight match that will be the company's latest entrant in the cinematic style they have been experimenting with since WrestleMania's Boneyard Match.

The show will also feature five title matches, headlined by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler in a match where Ziggler will pick the stipulation. Asuka will defend her Raw Women's title against Sasha Banks, Bayley will defend her SmackDown title against Nikki Cross, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day will face Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in a tables match, and US Champion Apollo Crews will face MVP.

Owens vs. Murphy is also set for tonight's pre-show. The pre-show starts at 6 p.m. Eastern time and the main card begins an hour later.



Scott Standford and Pete Rosenberg opened up the kickoff show. They discussed the Eye for an Eye match and Swamp Fight. Rosenberg and Standford then ran down the card for tonight. 

They talked about the Wyatt Swamp Fight again and showed a video package. 

Renee Young, Booker T, and JBL joined the show and gave their thoughts on the Swamp Fight as well. Booker mentioned that Braun Strowman destroyed John Morrison in less than two minutes on SmackDown. Booker, JBL, and Rosenberg all picked Bray Wyatt as the winner. 

Kayla Braxton interviewed The New Day in the back. Kingston noted they had to get in the mind of the table to win the match. Big E stated they have to be one with the table.

The New Day went to a master of the tables match for guidance in the match. 

New Day introduced D-Von Dudley. Dudley noted the secret to a table's match is to put the opponent through the table. New Day and Dudley danced to end the segment. 

In the studio, Rosenberg and Standford discussed Bayley and Sasha Banks. Rosenberg said Bayley and Banks are a combination of Trish Stratus, Lita, Steve Austin, The Rock, Randy Savage, and Shawn Michales. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed M.V.P. and Bobby Lashley. MVP bragged about his United States Championship belt.

Braxton asked about the real champion Apollo Crews. MVP promised to win the title tonight. He pointed out that he wanted to help Crews and mentor him. 

Back in the studio, Standford called the Eye for an Eye match gruesome and showed a video package. 

Back to Renee Young, Booker T, and JBL. They gave their thoughts on the Eye for an Eye match. Young pushed that it's going to be a violent and brutal match. JBL talked about working for Otto Wantz, and his partner stuck his thumb in his opponent's eye and tried to pull it out. Young was disgusted to hear that story. 

Kevin Owens defeated Buddy Murphy 

Owens and Murphy had a good match, especially for the pre-show.

Murphy charged at Owens at the bell, but Owens avoided. Owens attempted a stunner, but Murphy slipped out. Murphy took over, but Owens quickly recovered and tried a second stunner. Murphy avoided and rocked Owens with a jumping knee for a near fall. 

Owens briefly fought back, but Murphy locked on a sleeper. Owens broke free, but Murphy recovered. Murphy jumped off the middle turnbuckle, but Owens hit a DDT. Owens attempted the senton, but Murphy got his knees up.

Owens hit a cannonball in the corner for a very close near fall. They fought on the top turnbuckle, but Murphy pushed Owens off and hit the Meteora for a near fall. Owens attempted the pop-up powerbomb, but Muprhy escaped. Murphy hit two vicious knees and a brainbuster for another close near fall. 

They fought on the top turnbuckle again, but Owens knocked Murphy down with a headbutt. Murphy recovered and nailed Owens with a kick to the head while he was still on the top. Owens shoved Murphy back to the mat. In an awesome spot, Owens jumped up from the second turnbuckle into a moonsault for a close near fall.

Murphy recovered and climbed to the top. Owens avoided Murphy. Owens hit a superkick and followed up with the stunner for the win. 

Renee Young, Booker T, and JBL discussed Raw Women's Champion Asuka defending against Sasha Banks. JBL compared Bayley and Banks to Shawn Michales, and Triple H. Booker and JBL picked Asuka to win. 

They also talked about Randy Orton taking on The Big Show tomorrow night on Raw. 

Stanford and Roseberg previewed the Drew McIntyre versus Dolph Ziggler match. Standford read a statement Ziggler made in an interview that Ziggler needed to get the lawyer's approval for the stipulation of the match.

Main Show:

Tables Match: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated The New Day to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

This was a good tables match, but it dragged at times. They teased a bunch of tables spots throughout the match. 

The heels had the early advantage, but New Day fought back and isolated Cesaro. Big E caught Cesaro with a huge belly-to-belly suplex. New Day tried bringing in a table, but the heels cut them off. 

The New Day recovered, and Kingston hit a running dropkick on Nakamura. The New Day set up a table at ringside and attempted the Doomsday Device on Cesaro. Nakamura jumped Kingston from behind and pulled him back into the ring. Kingston took a nasty bump and landed on the back of his head. 

The heels fought back and attempted a double suplex on Kingston through a table. Big E made the save and tried to powerbomb Nakamura through the table, but he escaped. Cesaro attempted to press slam Kingson from the apron, but Kingston slipped out. 

Big E gave Cesaro the spear through the ropes and off the apron to the floor. New Day placed Cesaro on the table at ringside. Big E launched Kingston over the top rope to the floor, but the heels hit Kingston with a table. 

Cesaro and Nakamura attempted to double suplex Big E through a table, but Big E reversed and suplexed Cesaro into the ring. Kingston hit a trust fall onto Nakamura, but barley hit Nakamura and landed on the floor hard. 

The New Day placed a table on top of another table at ringside. They teased a superplex through both tables, but Cesaro escaped. Cesaro gave Big E the big swing into a basement dropkick from Nakamura. 

Kingston recovered and ran wild on the heels. The finish was insane and scary looking. Kingston attempted to give Cesaro a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle through both tables, but Cesaro held on.

Nakamura helped Cesaro lift Kingston, and he gave Kingston a powerbomb through both tables to win the titles. 

In the back, Alexa Bliss, Kairi Sane, and Asuka encouraged Nikki Cross for her match against Bayley. Sane told Cross that even if she loses, they'll still be her friends. 

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley (w/Sasha Banks) defeated Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss) to retain the title

This was a good match. Cross hit a neck breaker early in the match for a close near fall. Cross followed up with a tornado DDT off the apron at ringside.

Cross then hit a flying crossbody for a near fall. Cross followed up with a second cross body for another near fall. 

Cross hit a flying cross body off the apron onto Bayley at ringside. Bayley recovered and tossed Cross into the glass at ringside. 

Bayley took over and slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Bayley dragged Cross to ringside and tied her up in the ring apron skirt. Bayley beat down Cross, but Cross crawled under the ring to the other side. Bayley attempted a sliding dropkick, but Cross caught her in the ring apron skirt and beat her down. 

Cross locked on the cross face, but Bayley recovered and hit the Bayley to Belly for a near fall. Bayley followed up with a superplex for another near fall.

Bayley started yelling at Michael Cole, and Cross rolled her up for a near fall. Bayley attempted a sliding dropkick, but Cross caught her and sent her into the ring post. Cross followed up with a reverse DDT. 

Cross fired up and scored another near fall. Cross hit a back suplex for a two count. She climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Bayley cut her off and scored a near fall. 

Bayley missed a charge in the corner and collided with the middle turnbuckle. Cross hit the neck breaker off the apron on the floor. 

Cross was firmly in control. Banks passed Bayley her Boss brass knux and distracted the referee and Bliss.

Bayley nailed Cross with the Boss brass knux for the win. 

The Firefly Funhouse 

Bray Wyatt welcomed everyone to the show. They played spooky Halloween music.

Wyatt promised something terrifying to happen later tonight. He noted on SmackDown there was something even more frightening. The cut to two weeks ago and the Karaoke Showdown. Wyatt was furious at Ramblin Rabbit for playing that clip.

MVP And Bobby Lashley Promo

Tom Philips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe revealed that United States Champion Apollo Crews didn't pass his medical earlier. They aired footage of Bobby Lashley injuring Crews with the full nelson. 

MVP and Bobby Lashley made their way to the ring. MVP informed Lashley that he couldn't use the full nelson to injure his opponents. MVP laughed and announced himself as the new U.S. Champion. He jumped out of the ring and put the belt on. 

Eye for an Eye Match: Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio

Rollins and Mysterio worked hard, but having no pinfalls cut the momentum of the match off. It was odd seeing them going after each other's eyes constantly. The finish was a bit like a bad horror movie. 

Rollins entered the ring and revealed that he brought pliers. Mysterio's music played, but he jumped Rollins from behind. 

Mysterio had the early advantage, but Rollins hit the sling blade to recover. Rollins tried to pull out Mysterio's eye, but Mysterio fought back. Mysterio grabbed the pliers and went after Rollins's eye.

Mysterio pulled out a table and toolbox from under the ring. Mysterio then brought in a bar, but Rollins fought back with a kendo stick.  

In an awesome spot, Mysterio tried to give Rollins a head scissors off the apron, but Rollins reversed into a falcon arrow on the apron. Rollins went after Mysterio's eye and tried to pull it out. Rollins tried to take out Mysterio's eye with the steps. 

Rollins tried to jam the kendo stick into Mysterio's eye, but he fought out. Rollins tossed Mysterio under the bottom rope to the floor, and Mysterio crashed onto the table. 

Rollins tried to jam a chair leg into Mysterio's eye. Rollins tried sticking a pen and another tool in Mysterio's eye. Rollins charged at Mysterio, but he went eye first into the announce table. 

Rollins recovered and tied up Mysterio with rope. He tried to pull out the eye again, but Mysterio escaped. Rollins stuck a kendo stick in the ring post and tired to slam Mysterio into it. 

Mysterio avoided and made a comeback. He hit a seated senton, tilt-a-whirl head scissors, and a frog splash. 

Mysterio went for the eye again, but Rollins fought out. At ringside, Rollins got Mysterio in the electric char, but Mysterio rocked him with the kendo stick. Mysterio reversed and sent Rollins into the barricade. 

Mysterio broke the kendo stick and jammed it into Rollins's left eye.

Rollins covered his eye and crawled to the middle rope. Mysterio then hit the 619. Rollins recovered and tried to jam Mysterio's eye against the ring steps but he fought back. Mysterio took off the bandage covering his eye and showed the damage from before.

Mysterio fought back and rammed Rollins's eye into the steps. Rollins used a low blow and a superkick against the barricade. Rollins then hit curb stomp on the floor. Rollins jammed the injured eye into the steps again. 

Rollins set up for a move as Mysterio was against the steps. Suddenly, Mysterio started screaming. They did a quick shot, and Mysterio's eye had popped out but he was covering up his face. He screamed in pain as they took him to the back with his eye slightly out. 

Rollins noticed the eye and was disgusted. Rollins actually threw up at ringside after seeing Mysterio's eye. Rollins vomit was more graphic then Mysterio's popped out eyeball. They tried making this graphic, but there was no way to show Mysterio with his eye fully out. Of course, this was the definition of blood and guts. 

The commentators acted as if it was the end of Mysterio's career. 

In the back, Kalya Braxton interviewed Bayley. She pretended to be upset about Mysterio but mocked him instead. Bayley introduced Sasha Banks and promised she's going to win the title. 

Sasha Banks (w/Bayley) defeated Asuka (w/Kairi Sane) to "win" the Raw Women's title 

Asuka and Banks had a very good hard-hitting match. The ending didn't make much sense, and it seemed odd that nobody came out to clear up the confusion. 

Asuka had the early advantage, but Banks locked on the cross face to take over. Banks was briefly in control until Asuka locked on an armbar. Banks made it to the ropes to break the hold. 

Banks grabbed Asuka's arm and ran up the turnbuckle, but Asuka rocked her with a knee. She attempted the Asuka Lock, but Banks broke free. Banks slowed the pace down and worked over the arm. Banks twisted and bent Asuka's fingers. 

There seemed to be some miscommunication, but they recovered, and Banks went back to Asuka's arms. Banks then hit the double knees in the corner for a near fall. Banks was frustrated that she couldn't beat Asuka. 

Banks continued to work over Asuka's arms to prevent her from applying the Asuka Lock. Asuka fought back and rocked Banks with a spinning back fist. Asuka charged at Banks, but Banks sent Asuka headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. 

Asuka recovered and hit a codebreaker off the second turnbuckle. Banks avoided the hip attack and kicked Asuka to the back of the head. Banks attempted a German suplex off the apron, but Asuka held on. Asuka attempted a German suplex off the apron, but Banks avoided. Banks then gave Asuka a powerbomb into the barricade and glass. 

Banks scored a near fall with a frog splash and went right into the Bank Statement. Asuka made it to the ropes to break the hold. Asuka hit a high angle German suplex to regain control. 

Asuka used a German suplex and hip attack for a close near fall. Asuka missed a dropkick, and Banks hit a running knee for a near fall. Banks climbed to the top, but Asuka cut her off. 

Banks knocked Asuka off and attempted a moonsault. Asuka cut her off again and gave Banks a German suplex off the top, which looked scary. Banks landed on her feet. Banks attempted a move off the ropes, but she slipped and seemed to injure her knee. 

Bayley tried to interfere, but Sane pulled her off the apron. Asuka and Banks traded pin attempts, but Asuka applied the Asuka lock. Bayley distracted the referee and tried to interfere. Asuka rocked Bayley with a kick to head. Banks then tried to use the belt, but the referee stopped her. 

Asuka then spit the mist at Banks but instead hit the referee. Asuka got the Asuka Lock but Bayley hit her with the belt. Bayley then put the referee's shirt on, and Banks pinned Asuka. 

There was some confusion, but Bayley rang the bell, and Banks music played. Banks left with the Raw Women's title and acted as if she won the title. 

On commentary, Byron Saxton stressed that Banks didn't win the title from Asuka because Bayley's not an official referee. 

Kayla Braxton gave an update on Rey Mysterio. He went to a local medical facility. She said that as long as a nerve isn't severed Mysterio might keep his eyesight. 

Extreme Rules Match For Dolph Ziggler Only. McIntyre Can Lose The Title On DQ or Count-Out: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the title

This wasn't a bad match but the rules made it confusing and cut off the momentum. 

McIntyre had to follow the rules of a normal match while Ziggler had no rules. The story of the match was Ziggler could break the rules, but McIntrye couldn't. Ziggler tried to use weapons early, but McIntrye prevented him each time. Ziggler and McIntyre fought outside, but McIntrye had to break the count. 

Ziggler set up a table at ringside, but McIntrye cut him off. McIntyre teased giving Ziggler a suplex through the table but supelxed him on the floor instead. McIntrye followed up with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

Ziggler used a low blow to regain control and attacked McIntrye with several chair shots.

Ziggler hit McIntyre to the back, and he went throat first on to an upright chair. Ziggler then rocked McIntyre with a chair shot to the shoulder for a two count. 

Ziggler jumped at McIntyre off the apron at ringside, but he caught Ziggler and gave him a belly to belly over the announce table. Ziggler recovered and gave McIntyre a famouser off the announce table. 

Ziggler locked on a sleeper hold, and McIntrye made it to the ropes. However, he couldn't break the hold because of the rules, which is confusing. McIntrye fought back and sent Ziggler into the barricade at ringside. 

McIntyre went for the Claymore, but Ziggler used a chair and Zig-Zag for a near fall. Ziggler then gave McIntrye an elbow drop on the table. Ziggler almost won the match by count-out, but McIntyre broke the count. 

McIntrye fired back with the Glasgow Kiss, but Ziggler hit a famouser, Zig-Zag, and a uranage on a chair for a near fall. Ziggler became frustrated and cleared the ring. 

Ziggler set up for the superkick, but McIntryre did a kip-up and hit the Claymore kick for the win.

Swamp Fight: Bray Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman

There were parts of this that were good, but at times it dragged. They attempted to make it a scene from a horror movie opposed to an action scene like the Boneyard match. There was a bit too much talking in this that slowed it down. 

Wyatt was sitting in his rocking chair in the middle of the road. Strowman pulled up in a car and approached Wyatt. Strowman noted he's home. Wyatt laughed and disappeared. 

The screen went black.

Strowman destroyed the rocking chair and entered the creepy jungle. Suddenly, two masked men attacked Strowman, but he fought them off. They cut to the Firefly Funhouse, and Wyatt was cheering him on.

Suddenly, somebody hit Strowman with a shovel. He turned around and was shocked to see the person standing in front of him was another Braun Strowman. He took off the black sheep mask and attacked the first Strowman.  

The screen went black.

Strowman awoke chained up in a shed. Suddenly, The Wyatt Family theme played, and Bray Wyatt entered the swamp. Wyatt welcomed Strowman back, and Strowman shouted that he hates Wyatt.

Wyatt mocked Strowman and noted he couldn't hurt him because he's already dead. Wyatt said he's proud of Strowman's success, but it's borrowed. Wyatt tried to explain to Strowman that he's not his enemy. 

Wyatt was great here, but this went a bit long. Wyatt noted that together they could be gods that rule over society. Wyatt asked Strowman if he knows where he's been. Wyatt said that for Strowman to become the monster, he knows he has to destroy the monster he became. Wyatt asked if Strowman wants to see something horrifying. 

A woman came in with a snake. Wyatt asked Strowman if he remembers the serpent, which was from a story Strowman told a few weeks ago. The woman attacked Strowman with the snake, and he screamed.

The screen went black.

Strowman awoke in front of a camp fire. He fought off a random guy and set him on fire.

Suddenly, Strowman could hear a woman's voice. He saw her standing in the distance. She took off her hood to reveal Alexa Bliss. Bliss said she knows he always wanted to be with her. Flashes of Strowman and Bliss together appeared on the screen. 

Strowman approached Bliss. Suddenly, Wyatt attacked Strowman. Strowman recovered and choke-slammed Wyatt into a boat. The boat left with Wyatt's body. Strowman walked off, but the boat came back, and Wyatt's body was gone. 

Wyatt attacked Strowman from behind with a paddle and tried to drown Strowman. Seconds later, Strowman jumped out of the water, gasping for air. He climbed onto the dock and could hear children's laughter. 

Wyatt attacked Strowman with the paddle and viciously beat him down. Strowman got back to his feet and knocked Wyatt into the swamp. Wyatt didn't re-emerge from the swamp, so Strowman assumed he won and it was over.

The WWE logo and copyright appeared at the bottom of the screen to signal the end of the show. 

Suddenly, Wyatt came out of the water like Michael Myers and locked on the mandible claw. He dragged Strowman into the swamp. 

The water turned red.

Suddenly, The Fiend jumped out of the swamp and laughed maniacally to end the pay-per-view.