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WWE Johnson City, TN, live results: John Cena vs. AJ Styles street fight


Submitted by reader Dynamite Kuhn

- Randy Orton defeated The Miz (w/ Maryse)

The Miz got on the mic before the match, ensuring he got a couple of jabs at the locals to gain real heat. Every pin attempt by Miz was also coupled with Maryse asking the ref to ring the bell despite it only being a two count. Maryse got more involved towards the finish and ultimately got ejected from the match. Orton won with an RKO shortly after.

- Heath Slater, Rhyno, Mojo Rawley & Apollo Crews defeated Breezango & The Vaudevillains

Heath Slater got a bulk of the work in the match, mostly against Tyler Breeze. At the finish, Rhyno got the hot tag and pinned Breeze after hitting the Gore.

- Kalisto defeated Curt Hawkins

Few people were into the match except for the occasional, “lucha, lucha” chant. Kalisto did his best to stay active. He won with a type of hurricanrana that turned into a small package.

- WWE Champion Bray Wyatt defeated Luke Harper to retain his title

Harper continued his current trend of wearing his black tank top. Before the match even started, Wyatt launched into an epic tirade calling out both dental hygiene and the Johnson City crowd’s ability to read and/or write to get massive heat. He wouldn't let Dasha Fuentes introduce Harper and forced her to introduce him multiple times.

Wyatt dominated the match from start to finish, with Harper getting little offense. One note of interest, when Wyatt was straddling the ropes calling out the fans, he got infuriated with them and gave them a DX chop. He countered a running discus forearm with Sister Abigail for the win and retained the title.

After Wyatt left, Harper took the mic and had Fuentes announce him as, “Your future WWE Champion…Luke Harper.”

- Becky Lynch, Tamina & NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, Natalya & Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth)

Mickie James was introduced as the special guest referee. Lynch emerged to a thunderous ovation, and Ellsworth actually got one of the loudest crowd pops of the evening. Asuka started things off with Natalya. It was a very limited rep for Asuka who really didn’t do much. Lynch made Bliss tap with an armbar.

- Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Baron Corbin by DQ to retain his title

Eventually, Corbin brought a steel chair into the ring, and despite the ref pulling the chair away from him once, it lay precariously in a corner for a good portion of the match. Corbin later used it and gave Ambrose a couple of chair shots for the disqualification.

After the match, Corbin held up the Intercontinental title and was gloating. He tried to take a swing at Ambrose with the belt, but Ambrose ducked and answered with a Dirty Deeds to come out on top.

- John Cena defeated AJ Styles in a Johnson City street fight.

This was fun. There were lots of props used, including the microphone, tables, chairs, and a lead pipe. These two just make magic in the ring when they are together. It was a really well orchestrated match, with good pacing and each guy got ample opportunity to pander to the crowd. But in the end, Cena won out again after hitting an Attitude Adjustment through a table.