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WWE Macon, GA, live results: Jinder Mahal vs. AJ Styles


Submitted by reader Barry Johns

- Breezango defeated The Colons

This was a good opener that was mostly comedy. Tyler Breeze did the spot where he slowly rolled out of the way when one of the Colons was about to jump off the top. Then, when both Colons were perched on opposite corners, he looked up, then repositioned his body and started rolling to one of the empty corners. The crowd liked it.

- Mojo Rawley defeated Aiden English

English compared himself to Gregg Allman (the Allman Brothers lived in Macon during their heyday). After losing, he challenged anyone from the back to another match.

- Sin Cara defeated Aiden English

Sin Cara won in less than 30 seconds.

- Luke Harper defeated Erick Rowan

This was long and pretty dull.

- Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler

Nakamura hit Ziggler with the Kinshasa and then pinned him to win the match for the babyfaces. The crowd was into it, though the reaction for Nakamura was not as great as I expected. He was way more over when I saw him at NXT in Atlanta last year, but that's understandably a different crowd.

- Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya, Carmella & Tamina

Naomi wasn't at the show so this was a two-on-three match. Charlotte tapped out Natalya with the Figure Eight to get the win. The crowd loved both her and Lynch, and Charlotte did some Ric Flair spots that got over big with the audience.

- Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger

There were lots of "10" chants. The match was only okay and was a placeholder before the main event.

- AJ Styles defeated WWE Champion Jinder Mahal by DQ

Styles won by disqualification after the Singh Brothers jumped him. It was a very good main event with a lot of near falls before that. Mahal was booed heavily, and it seemed like legit heel heat to me as opposed to booing out of indifference. In his home state, Styles was the most over person on the show by a landslide.