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WWE Main Event results: 24/7 title on the line


The Big Takeaway: Shelton Benjamin submitted No Way Jose in under five minutes in the opener. WWE then put the 24/7 title on the line at the end of the show, with Riddick Moss getting the better of Cedric Alexander in a good match.


Shelton Benjamin defeated No Way Jose (4:35)

On Lilian Garcia’s podcast recently, Shelton Benjamin revealed that -- despite his mixed feelings about his current position on the WWE main roster -- he had signed a new multi-year deal with the company.

His Royal Rumble spot with Brock Lesnar apart, Benjamin has been a regular on Main Event through January and February and had been on a losing streak, after three defeats on the trot. No Way Jose, by contrast, is little more than an enhancement talent at this stage.

Jose actually got in much more by way of offense than you would think, but the story of the match was Benjamin trying to work over Jose’s left arm. 

They did a spot where Benjamin was sent outside and he chokeslammed one of Jose's conga line members, then powerbombed another on top of Jose as he went to their aid. 

Eventually, though, Jose got caught by a cross armbar and tapped out. It was certainly made a more interesting match because of the pursuit of the submission by Benjamin, but this was otherwise nothing special.

24/7 Champion Riddick Moss defeated Cedric Alexander to retain his title (6:17)

Riddick Moss made his Main Event debut a few weeks ago and from there went on to claim the 24/7 title, after turning on Mojo Rawley on Raw. A former college football player, the link with Rawley was always likely, with the name Moss reportedly a tribute to former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss.

Moss’ NXT run was marred by a torn Achilles tendon and he was generally on a losing tag team stretch with Dorian Mak in the last sixth months or so. He's been the 24/7 Champion since February 10 and looked good here against Alexander.

Alexander was the star here, though, carrying the pace of the match and showing off his varied move set. They generally split this one 50-50, with a ton of near falls coming near the end. 

There was a nice spot where Alexander did a tope to the outside, through the bottom rope, but it was all over when Moss caught Alexander with his side slam, Rock Bottom type of finisher. 

Moss looks the part, but doesn’t sell that well yet. It will be interesting to see how they use him and how he develops.