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WWE Main Event results: Alexander vs. Ryker, Morgan vs. Tamina


This week’s show was taped at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, before Monday’s Raw.

Liv Morgan defeated Tamina (6:01)

This was pretty good and certainly better than you would think. The time was enough for them to get their stuff in and Morgan getting the win went over well.

With both Morgan and Tamina back on the Raw roster, this was the first time either of them appeared on Main Event in a long time. For Morgan, it was June 2020, but for Tamina, you have to go back to July 2019.

Despite the size differential, they were evenly matched throughout this one. Morgan is a good wrestler and really deserves a chance to show what she can do on this Raw roster as she clearly has a following, even if it is mainly on social media.

In the end, even after Morgan delivered a rope walk rana, it looked like she was in peril as Tamina went up top to hit a splash with Morgan lying prone. But, Morgan rolled out the way and used an inside cradle to snatch the win.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Shelton Benjamin) defeated Jaxson Ryker (7:16)

Alexander is always worth watching, but Ryker losing seemed like an odd move here, especially since he had been on an undefeated run from May through late-September.

Given the latest round of releases, it seems strange that Ryker is still around, purely because they clearly don’t know what to do with him. He has bounced around from Main Event to working with Elias on Raw. Now that his run with Elias is over, it seems like he is just there. 

They told a confusing story in many ways because Alexander was the dominant force against the huge figure of Ryker. Benjamin was the difference maker in many ways. He was involved both early on and in the finish, but having Ryker lose just made him look like a total fool.

After working through a commercial break, where Alexander had been working on Ryker’s left arm and shoulder, they went for the near falls. 

Alexander kept trying for the Neutralizer and they ended up fighting on the top turnbuckle. Ryker used a side slam off the second rope before Benjamin slid Alexander out of the ring. Ryker laid Benjamin out but walked back into the ring to eat a superkick, allowing Alexander to finish him with the Lumbar Check.

Final Thoughts:

It was good to see some of the women’s roster get a spot on this show after months without any women’s matches at all. It’s clear that they need to give Morgan a chance because she managed to get a good match out of Tamina.

The Hurt Business need to be working Raw, not Main Event, but it is always fun watching Alexander and Benjamin on TV. I would be fearful if I was Ryker because it’s not looking promising at this point.