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WWE Main Event results: Ali vs. Carrillo, Belair vs. Kay


The Big Takeaways:

Bianca Belair had yet another bout with Billie Kay in a fairly standard opening Main Event match while Humberto Carrillo and Mustafa Ali had a solid contest at the top of the show. 


The ebb and flow of the Main Event announce team continued this week with Michael Cole, of all people, leading commentary alongside Byron Saxton. As Saxton pointed out, Cole was the lead announcer on this show when it debuted eight years ago, but, as memory serves, that was when it was on Ion TV and it was Cole and The Miz who were doing their best to put the show over as a big deal.

In every sense, how things have changed.

Bianca Belair defeated Billie Kay (5:42)

Although still undefeated as a singles wrestler since her NXT call-up, Belair has yet to be given a permanent home. With sporadic Raw appearances only really punctuating her work on Main Event, it seems to be taking her longer than any logic says it should to become a mainstay on the big show.

Since arriving on the main roster in March, she has worked with Kay more than any other performer. They clearly get along because there’s always an undercurrent of fun in their matches. Kay is a good worker, but Belair has been the next big thing for some time now.

They worked a good back and forth with Kay thwarting any attempts by Belair to be the dominant babyface. It was only really in the last minute or so that Belair was able to get things going with any consistency. The finish saw Belair get posted and it looked like Kay might get the victory until Belair slammed her head into the corner and wasted no time in hoisting her up for the KOD to get the win.  

Mustafa Ali defeated Humberto Carrillo (8:07)

Another week, another Main Event, and another match for Mustafa Ali and Humberto Carrillo.

Carrillo still has time on his side, but Ali is 34 years old and way too good to be used on a show that has such limited reach. The reason may be that they’re going in a different direction with Ali as he was definitely heelish here against Carrillo who is a natural babyface.

This was a good, solid match between two talents who can really go. In the end, it went through a commercial and Ali dominated things with some nicely placed aggression.

Ali went up to the top rope for the 450 splash, but Carrillo had it scouted and moved out of the way. Ali landed on his feet, rolled to the corner, and turned to launch himself at Carrillo who caught him for a near fall. Ali then transitioned into Koji Clutch for the submission win.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event was a fine show this week with good performances all around. The usual unsettling feeling remained, however, as Ali and Belair continue to be underused on a show like Raw that is bloated at best. Watching Ali and Carrillo having decent outings each week is certainly not all bad, but there’s undeniably room for both on any one of WWE’s weekly network television shows.