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WWE Main Event results: Ali vs. Daivari; Dana Brooke vs. Alicia Fox


The Big Takeaway: A show that lacked punch had a decent cruiserweight bout between Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari and a tepid women’s division win for Dana Brooke over Alicia Fox.


Dana Brooke defeated Alicia Fox (5:17)

Fox and Brooke had a couple of matches on Main Event back in January and in both cases Fox took the spoils, but Brooke got the win here over Fox who is now a nine-year veteran in the women’s division having started with the SmackDown brand back in 2008.

They exchange early cover attempts, trying roll-ups and inside cradles until Fox dodges a charge from Brooke and scissor kicks her back for a near fall. Fox works over the lower back with knees, following it up with a reverse chinlock and trying to stretch Brooke out.

When Fox goes for a til-a-whirl backbreaker, Brooke reverses it into a cover for a two count. A rather heelish Fox gets stroppy here, finishing some knee strikes with her patented bridging northern lights suplex for two. She slaps Brooke, then Brooke wakes up and gets the heat with a clothesline and scoop slam.

Brooke looks slow here as she goes to the finish with a handspring back elbow smash to the corner, followed by what looks like a new finisher, a running cartwheel splash. Brooke gets the win in what seemed like a long five-minute match.

Mustafa Ali defeated Ariya Daivari (4:50)

On the bell, Daivari takes down Ali into a front face lock and trash talks him, laughing in his face. He grabs the hair and whips Ali back to the mat in a wristlock. Ali immediately quickens the pace, showing his high-flying style is so different to Daivairi’s ground-based offense. A dropkick to the face sends Daivari outside as we head to a break.

Daivari catches Ali with a high knee as we return and covers him for a near fall. Daivari tries an inverted DDT, but again Ali stays alive. He goes for a suplex, but Ali uses an inside cradle as they trade pin attempts.

After Ali kicks out of a spinebuster, he dodges the charge and uses a pop-up stunner and spinning DDT to put Daivari in position for the 054 for the win. In contrast to the opener, this felt short and would have benefited from giving Ali longer to get his offense in before the pin.