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WWE Main Event results: Ali vs. Ricochet III, Cross vs. Naomi


The show opened with a conflicted Mustafa Ali hunched over his phone in a darkened room as clips of his match with Ricochet from last week played. He typed out a text to a phone that was nestled by the gear stick in a muscle car that had pulled up to some traffic lights. 

The camera panned to Ricochet who was driving the car and read the text that simply said, "Run it back." He grinned and turned the car around, speeding off back to where he had come from. This looked pretty classy and wasn’t far off the kind of thing you might have seen on Lucha Underground a few years back.

Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton returned to announce duties after Patrick had taken a leave of absence last week due to the birth of his daughter.

Nikki Cross defeated Naomi (w/ Lana) (5:21)

After her split with Alexa Bliss, Cross had a stint as a Main Event regular at the back end of last year, trading wins with the likes of Reckoning and Lacey Evans.  

For Naomi, it’s been a long time since she appeared on this show with July 2019 as her last appearance in a match against Sarah Logan. Remember her? Logan is currently on hiatus from the business after being released by WWE in April 2020.

It should come as no surprise that Naomi was really good here. She was, by far, the most in control in this one, but was thwarted in the end by Cross’ rope hung twisting neckbreaker.

They did pretty well in the time that they had and made it look fairly snug at times. It looked as though Naomi had it won as she used a backbreaker for a near fall, but in the end, Cross caught her going up to the top rope and finished her.

Much like the feature match this week, it would feels like we will see a rematch next week.

Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali went to a double countout (7:27)

The rubber match that was supposed to end the feud was very good, but ended in a double countout, leaving us to see what they might do next week.

This whole program has been a breath of fresh air by Main Event standards. Not only have the matches been high caliber, but there has been continuity and build. I can’t remember the last time this show had a hype video anywhere, let alone at the outset of the show.

They went back and forth before the commercial and then had three big spots after the break before the countout finish.

The first was Ricochet using a roll-through suplex and a German suplex into a bridging pin for a near fall. The second was a gut wrench powerbomb that Ali used to get his own close call. The last was a fantastic top rope swinging neckbreaker from Ricochet where the cover ended with Ali managing to put his foot on the bottom rope.

The countout was unfortunate and quite lame. Both men were on the apron with the referee already counting and doing so quickly. Ali grabbed Ricochet, who was on the second turnbuckle, by the ears. At the last minute, Ricochet grabbed Ali’s ears and they kind of flipped onto the mats and sold it like they were both in pain.

We’ll do it all again next week and see what they come up with, but this was really strong and has been a pleasure to watch every week. 

Final Thoughts:

All credit to Ali and Ricochet for making what they have been given work with the quality showing that the company is prepared to let them be a little creative, too. It was good to see the women’s division represented this week in what was a perfectly good five minute opening match. It makes a ton of sense to give them a spot each week on this show.