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WWE Main Event results: Ali vs. Tozawa, Moss vs. Carrillo

WWE Main Event

The Big Takeaway:

There was some perfectly fine in-ring work this week on Main Event, but nothing much to report. Mustafa Ali shouldn’t be on this show but at least picked up a win against Akira Tozawa in the opener while Riddick Moss returned from Raw Underground to defeat Humberto Carrillo to close out the show.

Show Recap:

The announce team on Main Event has been a moveable feast for some time and this week saw Byron Saxton take the lead alongside Samoa Joe. 

Mustafa Ali defeated Akira Tozawa (5:53)

Ali had found himself working mainly dark matches on the SmackDown brand at the turn of the year before a seven month TV hiatus. Traded to Raw in late July, the move has been an uninspiring one with several Main Event appearances and very few Raws.

Tozawa also finds himself underutilized since turning heel at Backlash in June and being paired with a gang of ninjas. You can count on one hand the number of wins he has had since and it didn’t get any better for him here.

Ali took most of the offense in a match that was well-paced and fun while it lasted. They probably need to pull the plug on this Tozawa gimmick and hit the reset button as it’s not doing anyone any good especially when he’s buried like this.

The finish saw Ali send the three ninjas packing as they all jumped up on the apron for the distraction. Tozawa tried a roll up but only got a two. Ali then superkicked Tozawa and hit a modified Michinoku Driver for the win.

Riddick Moss defeated Humberto Carrillo (7:07)

After several weeks on Main Event over the summer months, Moss was promoted to Raw and used on Raw Underground where his physique had got him a couple of wins.

The wins have petered out for Carrillo who appeared with so much promise and ability for someone so young back in 2019. Some of his work in his program with Andrade was superb, but, for whatever reason, they appear to have gone cold on him of late.

Carrillo’s style works pretty well with most people but he’s an ideal opponent for someone like Moss who needs people to flip around all over the place for him while he looks dominant and powerful.

The win came out of nowhere, really. Carrillo had tried to roll up Moss but he held the ropes and nailed Carrillo neck first on the top rope. As Carrillo sold his throat, Moss finished with his neckbreaker and got the three count.

Final Thoughts:

Another week, another Main Event. There was nothing worth going out of your way to find here. Ali is being cruelly underused, but it was good to have Joe back on the commentary team. Between Nigel McGuinness, Joe and MVP, Main Event has been quite the training ground for some excellent color commentators.