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WWE Main Event results: Alpha Academy vs. Ali & Alexander

Akira Tozawa was also in action against Reggie on this week's Main Event.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida before last Monday’s Raw.

Akira Tozawa defeated Reggie (6:12)

This was good with Tozawa getting a rare win in a longer-than-usual opening bout.

Akira Tozawa is a Main Event regular these days, but he's always excellent value and that was no different here. Reggie is yet to notch up a win on Main Event this year and he didn’t really ever look close here.

They went back and forth but Tozawa took most of the early going. They traded high spots and tried to outdo each other, with Tozawa really looking the more accomplished.

In the end, Tozawa went up top and Reggie tried to suplex him but got thrown to the mat. Tozawa then ended it with a senton to leave Reggie 0-5 in his recent Main Event outings.

This was Tozawa’s first non-24/7 title singles win since January 2021. What that says about Reggie is probably more worrying than what it says about Tozawa.

Alpha Academy defeated Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander (7:18)

This was a really good Main Event tag match.

Ali was flanked by Alexander last week, but this week they had matching ring gear. Although they’re both fantastic workers, their gimmick is super-cheesy grins and they’re trying to play up that they’re harmless pranksters. It's actually fairly excruciating.

This one also marked Alpha Academy’s debut on Main Event. Chad Gable and Otis have both worked the show before, but never in this guise. This foursome could pretty much curtain jerk any live event from now on and people would enjoy it, but they’ll no doubt have higher aspirations than that.

The final few minutes were really fun with a typical WWE tag match format where about 30 things were happening at once in a kind of controlled chaos.

Otis came in to break up a pinfall after Ali had nailed Gable with a second rope tornado DDT. They then did this cool spot where Otis was posted and laying with his chest on the second turnbuckle so Ali and Alexander did a superplex off him with Gable. The crowd popped for this one.

After Gable kicked out, they went to the finish. Alexander took out Otis with a flip to the outside over the top rope and Gable set up Ali for the Alpha Bomb after Otis recovered to help out.

The crowd really got into it for the finish which was very strong.

Final Thoughts --

Two decent matches, but all eyes will be on how all these limited-audience shows change over the coming weeks now that Vince McMahon is gone. There’s a big opportunity to do something completely different with a show like this, but time will tell.