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WWE Main Event results: Apollo Crews vs. Akira Tozawa

R-Truth was also in action against T-Bar.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, before Monday’s Raw.

R-Truth defeated T-Bar (6:01)

This was a fun match with R-Truth as entertaining as ever. T-Bar has only had his hand raised four times all year.

R-Truth appearances on Main Event are somewhat few and far between. He was last here tagging with Akira Tozawa back in December, but before that, you would have to go back to April 2020 where he defeated Von Wagner, then still under the moniker Cal Bloom.

There were two fairly lengthy chinlocks in this one, which, all told, was a very basic match. Despite that, the crowd was happy enough and fully behind Truth throughout.

I don’t recall when Truth started using John Cena’s moveset, but he does a nice job with it. He went through the You Can’t See Me and the Five Knuckle Shuffle, finally hitting the AA for the win.

Although T-Bar was absolutely fine here, it is always worth pointing out that R-Truth is 50 years old. If I move with a tenth of his agility when I’m that age, I’ll be pretty pleased. The guy is inspiring, to say the least, but also still wildly entertaining.

Apollo Crews defeated Akira Tozawa (4:37)

This was a good match with Tozawa impressive as ever in this role. Crews was solo this week after he and Commander Azeez dominated the show last week.

They went through a commercial break despite this being way shorter than the usual Main Event headline matches. Crews took the early going as Tozawa dove around and flipped all over for him, as is his usual style.

The crowd was certainly behind Tozawa as he put on a show. After taking a delayed suplex, he got the hope -- culminating in a top rope elbow for a near fall.

Crews got in his usual stuff, but Tozawa had the the standing moonsault scouted and went up top again to try to finish him off.

Crews caught him, though, and immediately used the Samoan drop to get the win to make it two victories in two weeks here on Main Event.

Final Thoughts:

This featured two perfectly good matches this week; nothing special that you need to go out of your way to see, but good nonetheless. R-Truth would be a welcome addition to this show every week, but they really need to do something with T-Bar. He has improved over the last year or so, but they keep cutting his legs off when he puts a run of wins together. Sometimes he’s a heel, then he’s a babyface and must wonder what he has to do to get some main roster television.