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WWE Main Event results: Apollo Crews vs. T-Bar

Commander Azeez was also in action against Akira Tozawa.

This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana, before Monday’s Raw.

Commander Azeez (w/ Apollo Crews) defeated Akira Tozawa (4:21)

This wasn’t as bad as you’d expect -- mainly because Tozawa is so good in this role.

Logically, this should have just been a squash to put Azeez over as a dominant power. He’s hardly been booked like that of late so this actually made more sense.

Tozawa doesn’t really win in this company anymore, but he’s extremely good at being the plucky babyface who is prepared to flip all over the ring for a less able opponent.

Tozawa’s offense was by far the best thing about the match to the point where he even managed to get a near fall. It was one that the live crowd actually kind of bought, to boot.

Azeez went for a chokeslam, but Tozawa got his legs up to block it and turned it into a rana and went for the pin. From there, Azeez smashed him with the spinning side slam for the win. Azeez is still really immobile and awkward but, in this instance, it didn’t affect things too much at all.

Apollo Crews (w/ Commander Azeez) defeated T-Bar (7:12)

This was a good match here with T-Bar looking better all the time against Crews who always delivers. This was the best that Crews and Azeez have looked in their gimmick for weeks.

Despite Azeez working the opener, Crews was still flanked by his henchman. Crews cut a pre-match promo asking for a challenger from the back, calling himself a dominant former Intercontinental champion. They really need to do more of this sort of thing on Main Event, particularly for gimmicks like this that have lost momentum.

T-Bar came out having not been on Main Event for a few weeks now, but was back here on the losing train. That said, he looked good in this one as he showed off some new moves, including a moonsault.

They had a fairly back and forth encounter, going through a break, at which point they picked up the pace and started to go for near falls.

The finish was really good, all told. T-Bar went for a moonsault, landing on his feet as Crews rolled out the way. T-Bar went back to the apron to try again, elbowing Crews to the mat. Then with Azeez desperately trying to put him off, he then nailed him with a kick to the face. The crowd, although sweetened, definitely enjoyed this.

T-Bar went back up top, but Crews crotched him and finished him with the Samoan Drop for the win.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event was all about Azeez and Crews this week and that was actually quite a good thing. Their gimmick had petered out of late, but with a bit of joined up thinking and some little wrinkles in what they had them do this week, they really did a good job. A refresh and renewed push on the main roster would play well, but to their credit, T-Bar and Tozawa played their parts to perfection.