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WWE Main Event results: Asuka & Brooke vs. Carmella & Tamina

Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander were also in action this week against T-Bar & Akira Tozawa.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York, before Monday’s Raw.

Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander defeated Akira Tozawa & T-Bar (4:33)

This was a lot of fun with everyone working really well together.

Credit where it's due: all four of these guys have been in and around Main Event for well over a year and aren’t going anywhere, but they really do a good job on Main Event.

Ali & Alexander are a bit of a sleeper tag team and certainly ones to watch. Three weeks into their run together and they are looking extremely entertaining. They are slick, they work hard, and even have matching gear now.

Tozawa and T-Bar played strange bedfellows with Tozawa really getting the comedy of him being alongside T-Bar who just totally dwarves him. There was a point where T-Bar tagged him so hard that Tozawa just screamed and stared at his red raw hand.

There were a ton of neat spots here including a double superplex off the top rope and even an Alexander Rock Bottom on T-Bar on the apron.

In the end, Alexander and Ali used what looks to be their tag team finisher: Alexander suplexing Tozawa to leave him lying prone for the 450 from Ali.

The match was under five minutes, but they really got their stuff in well and this ought to have been the longer match at the top of the show. 

Asuka & Dana Brooke defeated Carmella & Tamina (5:45)

By contrast, this wasn’t much of a tag team match, but the highlight was undoubtedly Asuka.

You have to go back to 2020 Performance Center lockdown tapings of Main Event to find the last time that Asuka appeared on this show. There’s a reason that she doesn’t make a habit of it -- she’s far, far too good.

They rightly built the match around Brooke playing babyface in peril so that they could increase the tension until Asuka could get the hot tag.

Everyone else was fine here, Carmella and Tamina were good heels, using loads of cheap shots while the ref’s back was turned. Brooke was solid in her role too.

Asuka’s hot tag just light the place up. Everything was suddenly pace and color and she just showed off how quick and agile she is.

The finish was a little bit shaky as Tamina had to lift Asuka up twice so that she could slide down into a roll-up for the pin. Tamina was so close to the ropes that her arms could easily have been under them. so the ref had to check which made what should have been a quick pin take far too long.

Final Thoughts:

Quick, fun tag matches are certainly good for a show like this for a pre-Raw crowd, particularly at Madison Square Garden. Huge credit to the guys in the opener, who could do that every week on this show and not hear any complaints from me.