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WWE Main Event results: Authors of Pain, Chad Gable in action


The Big Takeaway: The Authors of Pain continued their undefeated streak, seeing off Titus Worldwide with relative ease. Chad Gable and Curt Hawkins had a good match, leaving Hawkins without a win since November 2016.


The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide (w/ Dana Brooke) (4:34)

This was yet another dominant performance of power, strength, and agility from the Authors of Pain, and they remain undefeated since being called up to the main roster in April. The only thing stopping these two is going to be promos. With Paul Ellering gone, if they are to be main event players, they might need someone to talk for them.

Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews couldn’t get any degree of separation until O’Neil dodged a charge to the corner, leaving Rezar posted. This meant O’Neil and Crews could grab a minute or so of offense, before they were quickly cut off again.

The finish started when Rezar broke up a pin attempt by O'Neil. Crews came into the ring, but Rezar sent him packing and neutralized him outside by driving him into the apron. He then blind tagged in so that he and Akam could hit the Last Chapter on O'Neil for the win.

Chad Gable defeated Curt Hawkins (4:58)

Hawkins and Gable had a fine match here, ending with Hawkins’ streak extending to 0-208. He took to Twitter this week to show the extent of his injuries from the match -- some pretty nasty bruising to his left forearm.

This was a pretty athletic contest from start to finish and went by in a flash. Why they aren’t doing more with either of these performers is a question worth asking. Hawkins is a good foil for Gable, who is able to flip around and show off all of his best stuff and distill it down to five minutes.

There were a few false finishes at the end. And then, after Hawkins got a near fall on Gable, Gable escaped a powerbomb attempt, sending Hawkins into the turnbuckles. Gable then sunset flipped Hawkins, following it up with a roll-through German suplex for the win.