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WWE Main Event results: Bayley makes her show debut


The Big Takeaway: Bayley and Sonya Deville made their show debuts, with Bayley getting the win with a roll-up.

Six-man cruiserweight action then took the headline slot as the luchadores scored a win against Ariya Daivari, Jack Gallagher & TJP in under four minutes.


Bayley defeated Sonya Deville (w/ Mandy Rose & Paige) (4:54)

Bayley went on Twitter this week to defend the fact that she made her debut onMain Event after some fans had called it a step back. She wrote that she takes “any chance [she] can get to step inside the ring. Especially in a singles match and especially when it ends with a victory.”

Deville, flanked by Mandy Rose and Paige, made a fine debut here despite the defeat. It's worth noting that Paige was back at ringside since there had been some speculation on the status of the leader of Absolution after she did not emerge at the Royal Rumble last Sunday to offer support.

There is still no official word on her status after recent reports on her in-ring career being cut short due to WWE doctors refusing to clear her following the injury she suffered at a December house show.

Bayley stole the win here after a lot of back and forth. Deville looked at home, taking the early going until Bayley got the heat. The finish saw Bayley go outside to shove Rose. She went to come back in the ring but was kicked by Deville, who went for a rope-hung DDT. Bayley escaped underneath and rolled her up for the win.

Gran Metalik, Kalisto & Lince Dorado defeated Ariya Daivari, TJP & Jack Gallagher (3:57)

After the trio of Metalik, Kalisto & Dorado notched up a win on the Royal Rumble pre-show against TJP, Gallagher & Drew Gulak, the losing team subbed in Daivari -- a man without a win since August -- for Gulak, but yet again failed to go the distance.

The luchadores were pretty incredible here. When their move sets are condensed down to four minutes of action, it is quite breathtaking watching them all work. Kalisto and Metalik were particularly impressive, with Metalik making his rope work look easy.

The story of the match led to the big personalities of TJP and Daivari having a disagreement that allowed Metalik to connect with an enzuigiri and a rope-walk diving elbow for the win.