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WWE Main Event results: Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kay


The Big Takeaway --

Main Event was cut down to one match this week and was bookended between Raw and SmackDown rehash. The sole match saw the ever-impressive Bianca Belair pin Billie Kay to remain undefeated since joining the main roster.


Bianca Belair defeated Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce) (6:29)

Bianca Belair, who is now 5-0 on Main Event and 8-0 overall, had new silver ring gear this week. Although it is never referenced on commentary, she continues to sport the moniker EST that she used in NXT, representing the last three letters of the adjectives she uses to describe herself with: greatest, fastest, toughest, and best.

This would have been a good pre-Raw match to get a live crowd in the mood. They did lots of comedy spots early on and Royce and Kay are good heels who know how to wind up an audience. 

Kay has quite a few nice tricks up her sleeve and did a really good job working over Belair's left arm, which became the story for this short match. Belair not only sold it well during the onslaught, but she continued to do so after. It's wrinkles like this that will see her go far.

They teased that Kay would win when Royce distracted Belair on the apron and Kay rolled her up for a near fall. This was enough for Belair though, who once again showed her impressive strength, getting Kay up on to her shoulders for the KOD to win the match.

Final Thoughts --

If the WWE taping schedule becomes increasingly difficult, Main Event may quickly fall by the wayside, but Bianca Belair is fast becoming one to watch. Raw TV time beckons as she continues her main roster undefeated streak.