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WWE Main Event results: Bianca Belair vs. Peyton Royce


The Big Takeaway --

Akira Tozawa, complete with his ninja sidekicks, lost to Titus O’Neil in under five minutes. Bianca Belair continued her winning streak, this week against Peyton Royce.


Titus O’Neil defeated Akira Tozawa (4:51)

It’s easy to forget that Titus O’Neil has been with WWE for over 10 years now. He doesn’t really look his age. At 43 years old and in his first in-ring appearance since April, O’Neil has become quite the influencer outside of the ring and, here, dispensed with Akira Tozawa with relative ease.

Tozawa first appeared with a group of ninjas -- turning heel for the first time in his career -- at Backlash in June. Since then, a short 24/7 title reign followed before he has returned to Main Event with little creative direction.

O’Neil nailed Tozawa with some open hand chops early on that looked and sounded absolutely devastating. Tozawa and the ninjas did a spot where they all put their balaclavas on to try and fool O’Neil. But he just threw them all around.

The match was largely dull otherwise, with Tozawa trying a sleeper hold for a good chunk of it. In the end, O’Neil finished him with the Clash of the Titus, but even the Performance Center crowd looked bored during this one.

Bianca Belair defeated Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) (6:53)

After defeating Billie Kay last week on Main Event, Bianca Belair took on Kay’s IIconics tag partner, Peyton Royce, this time out.

Much like Kay, Royce is an entertaining competitor. No, she’s not in the same league as Belair in terms of natural in-ring ability, but she put on a good show in this match. Royce and Kay are excellent, irritating heels at this point, with Kay shrieking on the outside whenever things weren’t going in her favor.

Royce spent most of the match working over Belair’s left arm, just as Kay did last week on Main Event. Ultimately, though, after selling it well, Belair launched Royce face-first into the turnbuckles and finished her off with the KOD.

Belair remains undefeated since being called up from NXT, but she's still in need of some main roster exposure. It’s difficult to argue that there isn’t room in a three-hour Raw for someone with her talent.

Final Thoughts --

A return to the more average Main Event of old this week. I’m not sure how long Belair needs to plow through the women’s division undercard before she can achieve some TV time on Raw. She’s more than ready and continues to work well with whoever they put in front of her. Tozawa must also be frustrated at the lack of direction he has found for himself within weeks of debuting a new gimmick.