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WWE Main Event results: Bianca Belair vs. Ruby Riott


The Big Takeaway --

Jinder Mahal beat up Main Event debutante Denzel Dejournette for just over six minutes in a fairly dull opener. Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott then had a very good match at the end of the show, with Belair taking her Main Event record to 2-0 with the win.


Jinder Mahal defeated Denzel Dejournette (6:21)

Dejournette has been awarded a few TV opportunities lately, with appearances on both Raw and SmackDown. He comes with an impressive amateur background and good write-ups since joining the Performance Center in 2018.

The future certainly looks bright for Dejournette, who in the past two months has worked TVs with Seth Rollins, Sheamus, and Bobby Lashley, while Keith Lee has spoken about how excited he has been about Dejournette’s development.

As you’d expect, Mahal dictated things here and the match under his lead got a little repetitive and slow. MVP put him over on commentary saying, “we know that Mahal could have finished this some time ago, but what he’s doing is punishing Dejournette."

Dejournette got some hope with a belly-to-back suplex and a Stinger splash to the corner, but Mahal quickly finished things after that. Mahal pinned him with the Khallas.

Dejournette looks good and hopefully will get some opportunities to be something other than cannon fodder over the coming months.

Bianca Belair defeated Ruby Riott (7:33)

Once again, you can’t help but be impressed by Bianca Belair. She and Ruby Riott packed a ton into this match, telling a story and going back and forth with very little let up.

The only issue with Belair is that she's so accomplished and graceful that some of her moves look too nice and so it’s hard to suspend your disbelieve that they might actually hurt. A case in point is her standing moonsault that she hit on Riott here. It is so perfect and safe that Riott won’t have felt a thing.

They brawled outside the ring, but the story was Riott trying to tip the odds in her favor by working over Belair’s left arm. Belair sold it well and Riott was creative in her methods. 

By the end, Riott’s nose was bloodied and was teetering on the edge. She went up to the top rope but was punched off it. Belair hooked her on her shoulders for the KOD and, with the win, remains undefeated on Main Event. 

Final Thoughts --

A decent show again this week, but Jinder Mahal was an unwelcome addition. It would be far better for the likes of Denzel Dejournette to get a opportunities to show off what they can do, rather than how much they can sell.

Belair and Riott’s match was very good as Belair continues to show what she’s made of.