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WWE Main Event results: Bianca Belair's show debut, Carrillo-Murphy


The Big Takeaways:

  • Bianca Belair won in her Main Event debut in impressive fashion, handing Catalina her second loss in as many weeks.
  • Murphy beat Humberto Carrillo in an excellent match.

Show Review:

Bianca Belair defeated Catalina (4:42)

If you’ve never seen Belair in the ring, this performance should tell you everything you needed to know. As a former All-SEC and All American track star and Crossfit competitor, she glides around the ring with fluidity and grace, but with a strength that is difficult to find elsewhere. There’s no doubt that given time, Belair could work main events with the very best.

Belair led the match here with Catalina working better this week than last week, especially under the shorter timeframe. Catalina had a couple of moments, but she was there largely to feed Belair who looked so impressive in slamming, suplexing, and backbreaking a competitor of Catalina's size.

They gave Catalina some hope, but when Belair pulled her off the second turnbuckle to thwart a 360 splash attempt, they quickly went to the finish. Belair lofted Catalina up on to her shoulders for the KOD and got her Main Event debut win in style.

Murphy defeated Humberto Carrillo (7:19)

Carrillo is becoming something of a regular on Main Event. After an enjoyable series of matches with Shelton Benjamin over the last few months, it was just as satisfying to see Murphy walk out as his opponent this week. He is the perfect opponent to Carrillo as his grit and the snarl in his facial expressions make everything he does look aggressive. Carrillo, in contrast, is a tough and athletic clean-cut babyface.

In just over seven minutes, these two went all out to produce a highly technical and fast paced match that sprawled inside and out of the ring. They fought on the ramp, used the mat. and highspots off the ropes in a match that really could have gone either way.

They worked really well together culminating in a false finish where Carrillo nailed Murphy with a springboard enzuigiri. Murphy kicked out and then the two went back and forth before he was able to hit Carrillo with Murphy’s Law for his first Main Event win.

Final Thoughts:

This was very good show this week. Belair taking on all comers each week on Main Event would suit me just fine and Carrillo and Murphy could wrestle like this every week and it would be a joy. At this point, we’ve come a long way from Titus O’Neil vs. Mojo Rawley days of the show.