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WWE Main Event results: Bobby Roode makes his show debut


The Big Takeaway: Chad Gable got the victory against Mike Kanellis, who is now winless since November, and Bobby Roode enjoyed his show debut with a six-man tag match that was on the good side of wacky.


Chad Gable defeated Mike Kanellis (5:14)

Another week for Chad Gable on Main Event and another week where it feels like he may be directionless. The same could certainly be said for his opponent, Mike Kanellis, who seems to be treading water when he should be main eventing on Raw. For the latter, it feels like the curse of not coming in via NXT is the issue.

They worked very well together here in the time that they had. They were smooth, paced things nicely, and sold well for each other. In another universe, this could easily be a program that could deliver fantastic matches.

Gable got a near fall on Kanellis, but he hit a modified slam on Gable before grabbing a near fall of his own. Kanellis superkicked Gable and clotheslined him in the corner, but Gable was able to regain his senses and managed to duck under and German suplex Kanellis for the win.

Bobby Roode & Breezango defeated Curt Hawkins & The Ascension (4:29)

It’s been a few weeks since Curt Hawkins' "streaking" was last on Main Event. The loss here took him up to 0-205 in what now seems to be a gimmick that has lost any momentum that it ever had, but what a pleasure it was to see him in action here against Roode.

Roode brought some legitimacy and relevance to this match and would have been well within his rights to be wondering what he had done to deserve being put in the same breath, let alone match, as his partners and opponents. Roode was easily the star of the match and took much of the high spots.

Roode was enjoying every bit of this -- he was all smiles with his partners throughout and, just before the finish, Fandango slid in and gave Roode his policeman’s hat and Roode finished the match wearing it.

The finish saw Viktor break up a pinfall attempt by Roode on Hawkins, then Konnor sent Breeze to the outside -- with Roode following up with a clothesline to dump Konnor. Roode nailed Hawkins with a spinebuster before hitting the Glorious DDT for the win.