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WWE Main Event results: Brian Kendrick takes on Lince Dorado


The Big Takeaway: Curt Hawkins’ long losing streak continued before Brian Kendrick and Lince Dorado dazzled in the main event.


Heath Slater (w/ Rhyno) defeated Curt Hawkins (4:35)

A big "let’s go Slater" chant kicks things off on Main Event as Hawkins gets some hometown heat. Slater chucks his shirt into the crowd to a big cheer and then atomic drops and scissor kicks Hawkins for two. Rhyno plays cheerleader on the outside, enjoying this hot crowd.

Hawkins slows things down by nailing Slater in the lower back with a running knee and then stomps on his back. The crowd hates it and starts to clap along to get Slater back on top as he kicks out of a sidewalk slam. Hawkins slaps on a rear chinlock and, when Slater works his way out, runs into a big boot and a clothesline.

Slater eventually gets some impetus when he spikes Hawkins with a jawbreaker to get out of a rear chinlock, but Hawkins immediately sweeps him off his feet. Hawkins goes under the ropes with the momentum and celebrates to a rain of boos. When he then rolls back in, Slater snatches a win with an inside cradle.

Curt Hawkins is now without a win in a WWE ring for close to 11 months.

Brian Kendrick defeated Lince Dorado (7:48)

Kendrick looks to be in a foul mood and starts the match off with a cravat and an abdominal stretch. Kendrick spends a long time on the fundamentals trying to thwart the pace and electricity of Dorado. They exchange quick pins until Dorado spins Kendrick to the outside with a spinning head scissors.

Dorado follows him outside and then nails him with the same move on the matting around the ring. He rolls Kendrick back inside, then Kendrick starts to back off and look for the ropes to give himself a breather. Kendrick pulls Dorado’s arm through the ropes as he flies over the top to the outside as we head to a break.

Kendrick is nailing Dorado with a big boot as we return and Dorado kicks out of the cover at two. Kendrick double underhook suplexes Dorado and then goes back to the cravat. He holds on as Dorado tries to create some separation. When he eventually does, Kendrick flapjacks him and returns to the submission hold.

Dorado gets the advantage when he reverses a top rope belly-to-back suplex into a crossbody. He enzuigiris Kendrick and then goes up top for a crossbody. Kendrick takes the impact but rolls it into a near fall. Dorado then gets the heat with a combination of kicks and a spinning heel kick. He gets a two count off of a hurricanrana and then does a handstand stunner for another near fall.

The match builds to a nice crescendo when Kendrick puts his foot on the rope to stop the pinfall. Dorado comes off the top for the shooting star press, but Kendrick gets his knees up. He immediately slaps on the Captain’s Hook for the win. This was a great match for this expectant post-SummerSlam pre-Raw crowd.