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WWE Main Event results: Brooke & Logan's feud continues


The Big Takeaway: A better show this week. Sarah Logan got her win back against Dana Brooke as the pair had their third match in as many weeks. Robert Roode stole a win against Cedric Alexander when he used the ropes to gain the advantage.


Sarah Logan defeated Dana Brooke (5:45)

They ran the tape from two weeks ago and referenced Brooke’s nasty facial injury, then showed us how Brooke had gotten her revenge on last week’s show. This kind of continuity is entirely rare for Main Event.

The match wasn’t quite as good as last week’s but was still full of decent work. Logan took the lead and has quite an array of moves in her locker. Her submission holds throughout and an impressive gutwrench suplex later on showed off her skill set.

Brooke was plucky throughout, trying to get an advantage whenever she could, but ultimately Logan had her beat. Just as they did last week, they did another spot where Brooke took a nasty looking turnbuckle bump, playing up that Logan was a threat. 

Logan normally uses the Kentucky Knee, but here she finished Brooke with a flying knee to the back as Brooke was kneeling down. Presumably, this feud must continue.

Robert Roode defeated Cedric Alexander (5:36)

Roode and Alexander have also had a few matches together over the last few weeks on Main Event. They work well together, but are being utterly wasted on this show, particularly in Roode’s case.

Alexander did a tope through the ropes and looked like he had Roode beaten until he got caught with a spinebuster. Roode went for the Glorious DDT, but Alexander countered with a springboard enzuigiri.

As Alexander was about set up for the frog splash, he couldn’t get Roode down, so he slid under the ropes through Roode’s legs. Roode caught him and sat down, using the middle rope for leverage, stealing the win. He made out of there like a bandit.

Roode has won two straight now against Alexander, but Alexander would probably benefit from a rebrand and a new gimmick. His in-ring work is strong, but he essentially just comes out smiling and sticks his thumb up. Main Event would be an easy place for them to experiment with him.