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WWE Main Event results: Carrillo vs. Garza, Ricochet vs. Metalik

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

The Big Takeaway:

On a show that he rarely loses on, Ricochet defeated Gran Metalik before Angel Garza dispensed with Humberto Carrillo in a strong match to close out the show.


Ricochet defeated Gran Metalik (w/ Lince Dorado) (5:50)

Lucha House Party become two when Kalisto was drafted to SmackDown two weeks ago. The stable had had mixed success over the last two years, but were probably due a refresh and reset.

Ricochet’s plight continues as he is regularly relegated to this show despite being one of the most interesting in-ring workers on the active roster. Time will tell whether he is content to wait for his chance.

This was all action as you might expect. There was, however, quite a slow pace by the end as both men looked tired and labored. 

In the end, Ricochet looked slightly heelish as he hit a modified suplex, growling and posturing to the crowd. He then hoisted Metalik up and nailed him with the Kick Back for the win.

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo (8:06)

Since making the move from 205 Live to the Raw roster back in February, Garza has had quite a bit of success. This being only his second appearance on Main Event, it was yet another win for the impressive 28-year-old from Mexico.

In comparison, the wins have really dried up for Carrillo who now finds himself somewhat of a Main Event regular and rather directionless.

They worked beautifully together at times, both generous with each other until they culminated in a nice creative finish where Garza was arguing with the ref over holding the tights.

Carrillo hit a missile dropkick and a crossbody for two near falls, but when Garza rolled him up and held the tights, the referee took issue with it. Garza dodged Carrillo’s attempts to take advantage, nailed him with a superkick, and hit the Wing Clipper for the win.

Final Thoughts:

These were two good matches, but there wasn't much to go out of your way to find here. Ricochet and Garza should be used better elsewhere, but for now, they are by far the most entertaining thing on Main Event for some time.