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WWE Main Event results: Carrillo vs. Gulak, Mansoor vs. Garza

Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak

Mansoor defeated Angel Garza (5:42)

What could have easily been a 205 Live main event was the opener here and quite a good one at that. They two did a lot of close mat work to begin with until Garza got the heat. He managed to hang Mansoor in the tree of woe and nail him with a running knee. (And, he definitely slapped his thigh in doing so.)

When he got the shine, some of Mansoor’s move set was a little rushed and sloppy with Garza looking the more comfortable of the two. In the end, it was a bit of a fluke finish with Mansoor using a small package to get the win when Garza was complaining to the referee.

Mansoor remained undefeated since joining the main roster -- something they are gently trying to push as much as they can.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Drew Gulak (7:36)

They very much did a solid 50/50 match with neither really getting a period of dominance in the course of the match. It culminated in a ton of near falls with a chance finish that gave Carrillo the win.

There was an impressive Spanish fly off the top rope early on before Gulak started to use some submission moves. An ankle lock followed up by an STF on Carrillo couldn’t get it done. Twice, Gulak went up to the top and twice, he got thwarted.

The story was Gulak was unlucky in everything he tried rather than that Carrillo was actually better. Even when he countered a pinfall attempt into a dragon sleeper, Carrillo was close enough to the ropes to drape a leg.

The end was near fall, near fall, near fall, but ultimately Gulak went for an inside cradle and Carrillo just lay on his shoulders while the referee counted three. They could do this again next week and it would be just as good.

Final Thoughts:

Mansoor isn’t a convincing persona to keep winning like this every week, but they are at least protecting him and trying to talk up him as a dominant figure. Garza is continually wasted on Main Event each week and it really showed here because he really carried Mansoor at times.

Gulak and Carrillo had a bout for the purists, but was very fun. Gulak is essentially a jobber every week having lost to the likes of T-Bar, Mansoor and Akira Tozawa over the last few months. He’s such a good performer, but it’s clear that he just doesn’t fit right now.