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WWE Main Event results: Cedric Alexander vs. Eric Young


The Big Takeaway: Mojo Rawley squashed a local in the opener. Cedric Alexander and Eric Young had a fine back and forth at the end of the show, with Alexander taking the spoils in the end. 

The announce team has been really changeable for weeks now. This week it was Vic Joseph and Byron Saxton, with no mention of Mickie James. We are to assume that Dio Maddin is still selling the beating he took from Brock Lesnar on Raw two weeks ago.


Mojo Rawley defeated Boston Bob (3:27)

Well, this was new. They stuck Mojo Rawley out for a squash match against a local jobber. You have to question why, when the roster is so huge, but it was okay while it lasted. And, actually, it lasted a little too long.

"Boston Bob" was already in the ring, and since they were in Boston this week, that was the joke. But he did have his own merch, which is more than Rawley can boast. Saxton noted "I know that guy! He stole the last egg roll in catering!"

Why it took over three minutes for Rawley to win this, I don’t know. He looked disgusted throughout and the crowd quickly lost interest. After lots of posturing and beating Bob down, he finally ended things with an Alabama Slam.

Cedric Alexander defeated Eric Young (8:32)

This was vastly superior and went through a commercial break to build to some false finishes and near falls. Cedric Alexander was the star here and this gave him a much needed win -- his first since early October.

It's interesting that out of all of SAnitY, Eric Young has come off the worst. He has jobbed around as a singles wrestler and in random tag team combinations for weeks on this show. It’s clear that they have nothing for him, but he is also portraying a non-entity of a character right now.

Both men were all beat up and had little left in the tank when we came out of the commercial break. Young nailed Alexander with a DDT and then went up to the top rope to hit a beautiful elbow drop. It looked all over -- but Alexander kicked out and at that point you could tell that the crowd were invested.

Young yelled at Alexander and then slid off the apron under Alexander’s legs. Alexander ducked his clothesline attempt and hit the Lumbar Check for the win. 

This was a good little match in the end and one of the better matches we’ve had on this show in a while.