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WWE Main Event results: Cedric Alexander vs. Mansoor


After last week’s show which opened up with a video to build to the rubber match between Ricochet and Mustafa Ali, we returned to business as usual by Main Event standards. Neither Ricochet or Ali were on the show, nor were they ever mentioned, as both matches were standalone and without context. 

Naomi & Lana defeated Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose (6:00)

Not only was this a perfectly fine six-minute tag team bout, but this was the first time that both Lana and Mandy Rose have worked a match on Main Event. For Lana it was a winning debut,  while Rose found herself on the losing team.

Lana and Brooke have both improved lately and it won’t be doing either of them any harm working with Naomi each week.

Short of a legscissors on Naomi part way through the match, this was a decent back and forth contest which didn’t really let up. Everyone knew their roles, the timing was good, and there were lots of nice stereo moves and double teams.

In the end, Naomi had taken out Rose on the outside and Brooke was about to come off the top rope onto Lana. Naomi and Lana intercepted her and used a double X-Factor to get the win with Naomi getting the pin.

Mansoor defeated Cedric Alexander (9:27)

With Alexander no longer a member of The Hurt Business, he returned to this show against Mansoor for the first time since June of last year. In doing so, he seemed to enjoy playing the heel.

They worked really well together with the story of the match being that Alexander was the more experienced performer (six years Mansoor’s senior) and that Mansoor was still green. Alexander kept shouting "You’re not read!" and "Show me what you got" in the opening moments.

Mansoor is technically pretty good and Alexander led the match well. Still, this was very much a WWE match by the numbers. It was 50-50 until after the commercial break when Alexander slowed things down and beat up Mansoor for far too long.

The last few minutes was when both were at their best. Mansoor came off the top rope with a moonsault, but landed on his feet. Alexander hit a michinoku driver for a near fall and then Mansoor dove out of the way of his charge to the corner.

The finish saw Mansoor hit his sweet-looking springboard spinning neckbreaker, draping himself over Alexander for the three count. This was too long, all told, but got very good by the end.

Final Thoughts:

It was a shame not to get another chance to see Ali and Ricochet do battle again this week, but both matches were fine. It is good to see them giving the women a spot on this show which I have been saying for months makes complete logical sense. Mansoor and Alexander were good here, but since the rout by Sheamus on Raw to break his undefeated streak, it’s difficult to see what the future now holds for Mansoor.