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WWE Main Event results: Cedric Alexander vs. T-Bar, Veer in action

Veer's path to Raw continued on this week's show.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois before Monday’s Raw.

Veer Mahaan defeated Joe Alonzo (4:11)

This was another squash against a local jobber as Veer continues his slow march towards his April 4th Raw debut on April 4th.

Whether that date means that he’ll make a WrestleMania appearance remains to be seen, but at least the ridiculously long wait is over.

Alonzo is a Chicago local and worked some AEW Dark matches in 2020 against the likes of Cody Rhodes. His Twitter account tells you all you need to know: he wants to sign a professional wrestling contract really badly. Good luck to him.

Mahaan didn’t give him much here as he shrugged off his advances. Veer used a nerve hold which seems totally unnecessary in a squash, but I guess he wants to clock up some minutes ahead of his Raw debut.

The finish was the usual three move setup: running splash, lawn dart, Million Dollar Arm. But rather than the DDT, he used a submission move this week which we haven’t seen from him before. It was kind of a choke hold, but looked a little loose.

Let’s see how they book him on the main roster and how long his undefeated streak lasts before they give up on him.

Cedric Alexander (w/Shelton Benjamin) defeated T-Bar (8:59)

Once again, T-Bar looked unlucky in his loss but he is still winless in his last five. Apart from unnecessarily long rest holds, this was good.

This went longer than it needed to (nine minutes) with Alexander managing to wear T-Bar down by hurting his legs so that he was too unstable to hit the Eyes Wide Shut.

T-Bar now has the moniker "The Tyrant" on his trunks, but it’s not something they’re making much of a reference to in the announce booth. This losing streak has been full of people stealing victories, but this, coupled with his continual appearance on Main Event, has to be a concern.

They opened with a good pace and it ended well, but otherwise this dragged a bit.

In the end, Alexander used a dropkick to T-Bar’s left knee and followed it up with a leg sweep which toppled him and made him unsteady. He was wincing when he had Alexander up on his shoulders for the Eyes Wide Shut.

Alexander wriggled out of the hold and rolled him up for the win. He and Benjamin got out of there as quick as they could and I guess we’ll see if they rematch this one next week.

Final Thoughts:

Another meager Main Event offering this week. Mahaan will have one more squash before he moves up, so it will be interesting to see who they use on this show after WrestleMania. Main Event is still a show that needs a real shakeup, but I’ve been saying that for years now and it doesn’t look like they’re interested in doing anything with it.