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WWE Main Event results: Cedric Alexander vs. T-Bar

Shelton Benjamin also took on Reggie this week for the first time ever.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, before Monday’s Raw. In a change to the usual, Jimmy Smith was the lead announcer instead of Kevin Patrick, alongside Byron Saxton.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Reggie (6:08)

This was far too long, but ended well and gave the right man the win in their first-ever singles meeting.

We haven’t seen Reggie on this show, or any WWE television programming,  since July. With the 24/7 title seemingly gone for now, it’s hard for fringe wrestlers like Reggie to get an outing.

Benjamin has been on Main Event for six straight weeks and must feel frustrated. He’s frankly too good to be wasted on here every week, but still gives it all.

They were slow to start and the crowd was pretty dead for most of it. The dreaded chinlock spot returned which is always the death of these pre-Raw matches. As a result, this one ran a good couple of minutes longer than they usually give the opener.

In the end, Benjamin used a running high knee and a very cool looking Paydirt to get his third straight singles win.

T-Bar defeated Cedric Alexander (6:47)

This was a pretty good rematch from last week with T-Bar getting the win instead of Alexander in their fourth-ever singles meeting.

After a 50/50 start, they worked through a commercial break and returned with Alexander taking the lead.

The finish looked as though it might go the same way as last week, but T-Bar kicked out of a sweet looking Michinoku driver. T-Bar then used a cheap shot to get out of a suplex and nailed Alexander with the Eyes Wide Shut for the win.

After the bell, T-Bar continued to beat down Alexander until Mustafa Ali’s music hit and T-Bar got out of there quickly. Logically, this leads to something next week, whether that be a tag bout or Ali against T-Bar.

The win was only T-Bar's seventh of 2022.

Final Thoughts:

It was great to see an actual angle being shot here at the end of the show. The fact that actually means that next week there’s a reason to tune in and the whole show isn’t completely discrete and standalone is a bonus. T-Bar has needed some traction for a while, so hopefully they go somewhere with this. Book him as a powerful, dominant big man and you’re on to something. Jimmy Smith also improved the commentary immeasurably.