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WWE Main Event results: Ciampa vs. Akira Tozawa

T-Bar was also in action as he took on Mustafa Ali.

This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, Texas, before Monday’s Raw.

Mustafa Ali defeated T-Bar (4:56)

This was a good, solid encounter. T-Bar still can’t put a run together and Ali returned to the show with an impressive performance.

T-Bar finally got some main roster television time this week as he and Ali both appeared in the Raw battle royal. It’s been a long time coming with it being his first appearance there since he got squashed by Omos back in February.

Ali was a Main Event regular for a while until he got into a programs with Mansoor and then Theory. He’s not the kind to phone it in as both men worked hard to put on a good match for this pre-Raw crowd.

They built up to a finish around Ali being able to hit the 450 splash. He tried it once, but landed on his feet. When he got up, he showed crazy athleticism to eat a big boot from T-Bar and immediately did a flip. They showed a replay and even in slow-mo, it looked great.

The nice wrinkle in the finish was that after they teased a top rope chokeslam, Ali did a sunset flip powerbomb but then skinned the cat to get himself back up on to the top rope. He then hit the 450 splash and the crowd popped for the win.

Ciampa defeated Akira Tozawa (7:09)

Ciampa and Tozawa had yet another good match together. For what it’s worth, the win meant that Ciampa remains undefeated on Main Event.

With the briefcases hanging above the ring, you can’t help but think that both of these men would, and could, do some really cool things in a MITB ladder match. Tozawa is willing to put his body on the line and is capable of some impressive things. Ciampa has the necessary psychology to work that kind of match too, but, alas, here we are.

They’ve worked together twice before on Main Event and every time, it’s been good. Tozawa is excellent as the plucky babyface and Ciampa works well as a slow, methodical heel when he needs to.

After the early going, they came back after the commercial breaks and had two chinlock spots. Tozawa then fired up with a rana, a running leg lariat, and a top rope back elbow for two.

Tozawa was plucky to the end and dodged the high knee twice before Ciampa finally landed it and finished things with the Fairytale Ending.

As he celebrated at the end, Ciampa eyeballed the camera, tapped his wrist, and said it was his time and that he was ready.

Final Thoughts:

After the 24/7 Title action last week, Main Event reverted to back to the norm this week. However, both matches were really good and the Laredo crowd really got into it which helped hugely. Everyone was good here, though, and that’s the key to getting an expectant crowd into what you’re doing – many people are still taking their seats, grabbing food and drinks but you could tell that they were happy to be entertained by these two matches as we got lots of crowd shots this week.

This was an all-round perfectly good episode of WWE Main Event.