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WWE Main Event results: Crews & Azeez vs. Benjamin & Alexander


This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee before Monday’s Raw.

WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke defeated Tamina to retain (5:30)

Last week, there was a non-title 24/7 match on Main Event between R-Truth and Reggie, but they went one further this week and actually put the title on the line. This was a little clumsy at the start, but got stronger toward the end. While it was nice to see a title bout on Main Event for once, this was as missable as you might expect.

Credit where it's due, Brooke has worked hard and improved a lot over the last few years but she and Tamina have never really gelled in the ring and this one was no different. 

There was a spot early on where Tamina went for a scoop slam as Brooke was running toward her which really just looked awful. She later hit a superkick that didn’t connect for a near fall which they had to cover up on commentary despite the fact that Brooke sold it for a two count.

In the end, Brooke finished Tamina with a swinging neckbreaker which also didn’t really fully connect to call it a day on this one.

Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez defeated Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander (7:10)

This was a solid enough match that allowed Azeez to look like a monster while everyone else flipped around for him. Benjamin and Alexander are really way too good to be on this show.

This was Azeez’s second outing on Main Event alongside Crews and a rematch from their bout from back in November. In that match, they were on the losing side, but here Azeez picked up the win for his team.

They very much protected Azeez as aside from a couple of rest holds and his finisher at the end, he was just there to look huge.

It came down to Benjamin getting the hot tag as he came in with strikes to Azeez and hit him with two Stinger splashes. Crews tried to ruin things, but got sent packing with a German suplex. Azeez looked like he might get toppled as Benjamin threw everything at him, but ultimately he ran into a big boot and was finished off by the Nigerian Nail.

Final Thoughts:

There was quite a lot of awkward and ungainly looking wrestling on this show this week. Tamina’s stuff wasn’t connecting and Commander Azeez’s in-ring timing and ability to sell needs a lot of work. But, fresh faces and a title match made for a more interesting show than usual.