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WWE Main Event results: Curt Hawkins goes 0-142


The Big Takeaway: Curt Hawkins’ losing streak continued to rise with a loss against Rhyno, and the trend of short cruiserweight tag matches headlining the show persisted with Gran Metalik & Akira Tozawa dispensing with Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher in less than four minutes.


Rhyno (w/ Heath Slater) defeated Curt Hawkins (5:02)

In the city that is home to the currently winless Cleveland Browns, Curt Hawkins added yet another loss to his ridiculous total. Although this took the streak to 0-142, at the time of this writing, Hawkins is now 0-144.

Rhyno mowed down Hawkins in the first few minutes, taking stiff chops in every corner of the ring. Finally, Hawkins reversed a whip to the corner and waffled Rhyno with a lariat and then applied a rest hold. Hawkins took Rhyno outside and roughed him up, nailing him back-faced into the ring apron.

Rhyno got the advantage with a huge back body drop and started to fire up with clotheslines and belly-to-bellys. The finish saw Rhyno catch Hawkins and nail him with the spinebuster for the win.

Gran Metalik & Akira Tozawa defeated Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher (3:20)

Main Event was again left with a tag team bout that was 100 mph and lamentably too short. The standout performer was Gran Metalik, who was exceptional here -- moving around with such pace and agility.

Tozawa was all over Gallagher in the early going and Metalik then overwhelmed Kendrick. Gallagher distracted him to break up the flow of the match so that Kendrick could come off the second rope with an inverted atomic drop on Metalik.

Metalik worked his way out of trouble, hitting Gallagher with the Metalik Driver but missing the blind tag that Kendrick had made. The ring filled, and Tozawa sent Kendrick outside so that he and Metalik could hit stereo suicide dives on the heels. Metalik then finished Kendrick off with a rope-walk top rope elbow drop.